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Obama’s First Campaign Ads

Posted by on January 27, 2012
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There is an old saying that it doesn’t matter how many coats of paint you put on an outhouse, it doesn’t change the contents.  Obama has come out with his first set of campaign ads and it doesn’t take a genius to see beyond the paint.  In these first ads, he is basically making 3 claims.  First, that we are now relying on foreign imports for less than half of our energy needs.  Second, that he has created some 4 million jobs.  Finally, a chart was produced on his behalf insinuating that both Reagan and Bush created more of a deficit problem than Obama based solely on change percentages. It is true that as a percentage our reliance on foreign oil is down since Obama took office.  What is false is that he made any type of magnanimous decision to allow this to happen.  Yes, conservation has played a minute roll in lessoning demand, but the cost of that conservation to this point has been enormous.  The truth of why our foreign demand is shrinking proportionately is because a lousy economy has lessened our overall need for energy.  You would think if he were as brilliant as the main stream media claims he would avoid this subject all together after the Keystone debacle. Obama wants us to believe that he’s created 4 million jobs and things are finally getting better which is causing the unemployment rate to drop.  Let’s apply a bit of simple logic here.  If Obama had truly created these mythical jobs since he took office shouldn’t the unemployment rate be less than the 7.6% he inherited from Bush?  The real reason the unemployment rate is going down is because people are giving up on the job market so they are no longer being counted.  The 4 million jobs are just like the statistics for those that have given up, they simply don’t exist. Finally we get to the magical chart about who added what to the debt.  It shows Reagan almost tripling the debt, Bush doubling it, and poor Obama barely registering a blip.  However, there is a glaring anomaly with this chart.  As it turns out it is comparing 8 years each for Reagan and Bush to only 2 years for Obama.  Here’s the picture this chart paints if looked at in real dollars (in Billions) and carried out proportionately:                              Start              Finish              Total          Avg Incr/yr Reagan                  998               2,857             1,859                     232 Bush                   5,808             11,910             6,102                     763 Obama             11,910             15,200             3,290                  1,645   * The start numbers are from their first full fiscal budget year.
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