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Ohio GOP Chair Changing Rules to Hold Power

Posted by on January 27, 2012
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This is no time to mince words.  Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine is pushing changes to the rules for holding a seat on the Republican Central Committee, that will disqualify many great new candidates from serving.  On February 3, the current central committee will vote on a rule change requiring anyone who holds a state central committee spot to have voted in each of the last three most recent GOP statewide primaries.  This tactic will eliminate many of the energetic new participants in Ohio’s Republican Party.  Ohio should be welcoming the many new conservatives who have joined the party, not shutting them out of the leadership.  One must wonder if the GOP establishment fears principled Conservatives more than the Democrat opposition.

In 2008, many Ohio voters, both independents and Republicans switched their registration in “Operation Chaos” to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Ohio Primary.  Many of these were solid Republican and Independent voters who, in 2010, played a key role in bringing Ohio a GOP House, Senate and Governor.  Mr. DeWine’s ego has completely blinded him to the reason and people behind Ohio’s 2010 success.  He believes this was due to his stellar leadership. Laugh out loud would be the appropriate response, except there is nothing funny about the damage this Chairman is doing to the GOP during a crucial election year. The Cleveland Plain Dealer paraphrases former GOP Chair Bob Bennett who notes, there are various sets of rules for membership at the county level and said the state party has a right to govern who holds key leadership posts. But he said DeWine’s proposal goes too far. Every activist in Ohio realizes that the Kasich–DeWine battle is the motivating factor in this rule change, but Mr. DeWine must understand that clinging to power with cheap tactics is exactly what the Tea Party movement has been fighting since day one. Mr. DeWine it’s time for you to put Ohio first.
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