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Posted by on January 29, 2012
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As strange as this might sound there is actually a Union of Unionized Representatives.  That’s right.  The paid staffs that work for many of the larger unions actually have their own union to bargain against the very unions that employ them.  I’ll give you a minute to wrap your head around that concept.  You would think that these two forces would be in perfect harmony with each other.  After all, aren’t they fighting for the exact same principles?  History has proven otherwise. 
Recently trouble began brewing between these two forces when SEIU, who was pumping $ millions into Obama’s campaign, had to layoff some of its own staff as it started becoming cash starved.  This didn’t set well with the union that represents these personnel and thus the legal wrangling began.  We see the same thing happening in prisons when one gang becomes so dominate over the other gangs that the only thing left is the in-fighting that arises with the gangs own members as unity is set aside and the internal struggle for power begins.
We are witnessing this same kind of insanity when it comes to the environmentalist versus the animal rights groups.  They worked well together as a common force until some began realizing that wind turbines kill birds, hydro plants alter fish mating patterns, and solar panels screw up the desert landscapes that are home to many animals.  Those who were once committed allies became committed enemies.
What inevitably happens when individuals from various factions join together to fight a common foe and start getting their way is that at some point each faction will then begin the internal struggle to attain their own individual goals.  Liberalism is an ideology that is nothing more than a concatenation of special interest groups attempting to work together as a unified force in just such a manner.  The problem with this theory is that at some point, even if they do start getting their way, chaos is the only possible outcome as the internal struggles begin.  
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