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The Real Contraception Controversy

Posted by on February 11, 2012
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There are currently a lot of commentaries flying around the social media circuit with regard to the contraception issue.  For those that are attempting to defend the Obamacare policy of forcing the Catholic Church to go against its own doctrine and offer birth control through their insurer there seems to be a consistency in their attack method.  Unfortunately, this method is designed to target church members and accuse them of not strictly adhering to their own doctrine.  Just as unfortunate is the fact that this angle of attack is much like Obama’s “compromise” and nothing more than a diversion that completely misses the whole point of the issue. Yes, we all know that not every Catholic is a perfect Catholic that lives without transgressing.  After all, that’s what forgiveness is all about.  We also understand that, try as they might, not every Catholic Church is going to preach the exact same message in the exact same way.  So there will at times be variances to the overall doctrine.  But the whole point of this controversy has nothing to do with any of that.  It has everything to do with the intrusion of government into the realm of being allowed to override our most fundamental of all rights, religious freedom. Obama can attempt to make all the arguments in the world about what he thinks is fair, but pseudo fairness cannot possibly stand up to the concept of religious freedoms.  This is especially true since in this case fairness is nothing more than a cheap ruse.  After all, no one is a slave or indentured servant that has no other choice but to work for these organizations.  Furthermore, even if they were, no one is being prevented from purchasing or using contraceptives on their own.  They just won’t be supplied by the church. Once you allow government a seat at the religious table, that same government will do to religion exactly what Obamacare is designed to do to the insurance industry itself, along with everything else it touches under Obama.  It will bully out the competition so that at some point government will be the sole source of religious doctrine.  Our forefathers felt so strongly about never allowing this very thing to ever happen again that they willingly sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to protect these freedoms.  Surely we won’t now play the role of Judas and willingly surrender our religion over a few pieces of silver.
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