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Selfish Socialist

Posted by on February 13, 2012
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When was the last time you saw people rioting in the streets in order to give their stuff away?  This may sound like a bizarre question, but in truth it shouldn’t be viewed as any more bizarre than having people rioting in those same streets demanding that people give them something for nothing.  Today we are watching as Greece burns.  The reason it is burning is because the Greeks refuse to accept the fact that their country is broke.  They expect their government to continue giving them all sorts of free socialized programs.  If their country can’t pay for it, then the rest of Europe should.  Take note of what true socialism looks like. If you ask anyone from the Occupy Wall Street movement why they are there and they will consistently tell you it is to protest against evil and greedy bankers and corporate execs that are robbing the people blind.  Try to get them to pinpoint a specific crime by a specific executive and you might just as well waste your time asking them to explain the thermodynamic properties of the sun.  The true reason is that they simply expect the wealthy to hand over their wealth to them for free. Socialism is a lazy selfish ideology.  The Left likes to accuse the right of being without compassion because we refuse to demonize the rich, but the true lack of compassion comes from the selfish thought process that is socialism.  Those that preach socialized redistribution always turn out to be either the ones that plan to ultimately be on the receiving end of the equation, or those that seek the power that comes from getting to choose the givers versus receivers.  Both of these are selfish motives that have nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with getting something out of it for themselves. Greece isn’t burning because the Greeks are banding together to work hard and make their country better.  Instead it’s being destroyed because the Greeks refuse to accept losing that which is currently being handed to them for free.  It’s a temper tantrum by children who aren’t getting there way.  Socialism is lazy because it’s always easier to demonize someone else for what they have than to go out and earn it on your own.  Socialists call forcibly taking stuff from others “fairness”.  Wise people call it theft.
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