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I don’t feel guilty

Posted by on February 17, 2012
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There is a simple reason why emotional arguments never carry any weight with me.  That reason is because I don’t waste time feeling guilty.  The Left loves attempting to persuade us to take their side on issues based on a guilt complex.  If we feel guilty enough on an issue we’ll willingly surrender our logical position to guilt as some sort of penance for our supposed sins.  Sorry to disappoint the Left, but the only one I ever plan to confess that type of guilt to is God, and I already know how he’s handled it. I don’t feel any guilt related to the history of slavery in this country.  That doesn’t mean I’m a fan of slavery.  Quite frankly I abhor the very concept.  I understand that slavery brought out some of the worst in Americans.  But I’m also smart enough to understand that it was the even greater good in Americans that rose up to defeat such a menace.  That’s something to be proud of, not feel guilty over. I don’t feel guilty about wealthy Americans.  After all, it is that very same wealth that creates jobs in this country, and it is those jobs that then create wealth for others.  Poverty doesn’t create anything, it only consumes.  As far as I’m concerned it is the same people that are demanding that the wealthy hand over what they have to those who haven’t earned it that should feel guilty.  Where I come from forcibly taking the rightful property of someone else is called theft. I don’t feel guilty about taking a Right to Life stance.  As much as a woman has a right to her own body, I believe a child has the basic right to even exist.  I don’t feel guilty about the environment.  God designed the world he gave us in such a way that it can continually replenish itself as long as we aren’t being wasteful or abusive.  Since I’m doing my part by acting like a responsible adult when it comes to the environment, I’ll keep faith that God will continue to do his part as well.  I also don’t feel guilty about using the word God.  As long as I’m not forcing my religion on others, or interfering with their beliefs then I’ve got nothing to feel guilty over.  The only guilt I would feel is if I were to ignore acknowledging God altogether. The reason Liberals never appear to be happy even when they get their way is because they have an inherent need to always feel guilty about something.  I believe in living life as if both God and the whole world are watching.  The reason I don’t waste my time feeling guilty for those occasional times when I do stumble is because I know that whatever penance I might owe has already been paid for.
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