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Obama is a Socialist

Posted by on February 29, 2012
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Obama is a socialist.  The Left can play games with semantics all they want, but the reality is that he has no answers that don’t involve ever more government.  Whether it’s more regulation, higher taxes, or creating more dependence, Obama sees government as the ultimate end all, fix all, for all of our ills.  The problem is that those answers simply aren’t working.  We are now 3 years into failed Keynesian economics. As much as the Left tries to hide the truth through bogus reporting, the real numbers can no longer be masked. GDP is an anemic 1.7%, the real unemployment rate is double digits, the housing market has totally collapsed, durable goods orders are drying up, gas prices are through the roof, and inflation is looming as a real menace to any economic recovery because the Fed can’t afford to increase interest rates without creating an even bigger mess.  Socialism has proven yet again to be the total failure that it always is.  Obama has been in control for the last 3 years.  There are no more former Presidents to blame.  There are no more masks the media can offer Obama to hide behind.  Simply put, after 3 years Obama now owns it. At this point there is no way of knowing which of the Republican candidates will end up garnering the nomination, but one thing is for certain, whomever it is will most certainly be better than the alternative.  Obama has taken an economy that was in a ditch and drove it off a cliff.  He accomplished this while he was at least somewhat hamstrung.  In a second term, and without the worry of another campaign, he will attempt to drive this train wreck unabated into the abyss. Obama has spent his first term dictating either by proxy through underlying agencies or by fiat through executive order.  He has unapologetically bypassed both Congress and the Constitution.  We tend to look at places like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez and wonder how intelligent people could ever allow such a dictator to evolve.  If we allow Obama another 4 years, we’ll get a first hand opportunity to experience it for ourselves.
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