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Let Our Leaders Lead

Posted by on March 11, 2012
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What fools we are that we elect our leaders with the expectations that they will in fact lead, but once in power we demand mediocrity from them.  I was watching a Frank Luntz focus group the other night that had 4 Congressional leaders (2 from each party) and a group of roughly 30 or so of their constituents there to bounce questions off of them.  The resounding theme of the evening was thatWashingtonneeds to be more flexible and do more compromising.  I found myself screaming “NO” in a fit of futility at my television. So often we get confused as to why Washington is broken, but yet we fail to realize that we ourselves are the real culprits.  When we should be sending our leaders there to find real solutions to the very real problems we face, instead we spend all our time focusing on them simply getting along.  We act like parents who demand that our kids play nice together even if it means they are playing nice in the middle of traffic.  We become complacent with the peace and quiet regardless of what the ultimate outcome might be. Two plus two equals four.  It doesn’t equal five.  Compromising at four and a half isn’t the correct answer either.  Too often we accept such an answer as the easy way out, but also too often the easy answer causes an even bigger mess that must be cleaned up later.  What we need in honest leadership are those that are willing to stay true to their beliefs all the way up to the point where a genuinely better solution is revealed.  At that point a true leader will set their ego and ideology aside and accept the real solution.  That’s how problems get resolved. This nation didn’t become great because we accepted the easy way out.  If that was the case we’d still be subjects of the British Crown.  Our forefathers didn’t agree on everything, but they did at least seek out the best possible solutions they could for their time.  Sometimes that meant spending decades searching to find the answer and sometimes that answer was as difficult as sacrificing their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in order to make things right.  Politics isn’t meant to be a pretty sport, at times it can get downright ugly.  However, we need to accept reality and demand that our leaders start leading instead of getting along.  Let’s leave the playing nice to our kids.
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