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Posted by on March 29, 2012
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For the last couple of weeks I have been challenging Liberals to step forward and declare not only what they believe economically, but more importantly to explain the logic behind why the believe their plans should work. If you believe in wealth redistribution, okay, now tell me how you think it will work for the long haul because history disagrees.  If you think taxing the wealthy more will fix our economic mess, fine, now show me the math.  To date I’ve yet to have any serious takers for my challenge.  You would think that if Liberals honestly had faith in what they espouse that they would jump at the opportunity to have their logical arguments sway the conservatives in the audience over to their own way of thinking. Yesterday Obama’s budget was put to a vote in the House of Representatives.  It lost 414-0.  Not even a single Democrat voted for it.  Last year the same thing happened when Obama’s budget was introduced in the Senate.  It lost 97-0 as once again not even a single Democrat voted for it.  It has been over 3 years since the democratically controlled Senate has even bothered to offer up their version of a budget.  The logical question has to be, so what’s going on? The answers are pretty simple.  Nobody takes the budgets Obama has been proposing with any measure of seriousness because they know doing so would be political suicide.  To put it bluntly the numbers are absurdly irrational even to Democrats as the vote tallies prove.  It’s the same reason the Senate refuses to even address budgets.  Their choice would be to either propose a rational budget which would prove that even they are conceding that their big spending Keynesian economic theories were a total bust, or to propose even more spending and get shredded in the November elections by a populous that has shown that it refuses to embrace their big government socialist ideas. The things you see coming out of this administration are nothing but ruses that lack a logical foundation.  The stimulus had no more to do with job creation than my hound dog has to do with hockey.  Obamacare has nothing to do with health care, and Cap & Trade was about anything but the environment.  The common thread that all these programs share is control.  What this administration has been trying to accomplish is to consolidate power to a centralized government through these legislative measures.  The reason Obamacare is about to get trashed by the Supreme Court is because even they recognize that this represents a direct affront to the very foundations and intent our founding fathers had when they wrote the Constitution. What has made this nation great for such a long time has always been the idea of minimizing the power of a centralized government and instead instilling that power in the people themselves.  Tyranny can only exist once it has been granted the power to exist.  Freedom isn’t about getting free stuff; it’s about having free choice and the ability to self-determine your own life.  This November we will each decide what is truly important in our lives.  Do you really want to vote for those who can’t even logically defend their own principles or do we want to return to the ideas that made this nation so uniquely great.  The choice is yours.
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