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The True Color of Racism

Posted by on March 30, 2012
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Voting against someone solely because of the color of their skin is racism.  However, voting FOR someone because of their skin color is also racism.  Denouncing someone’s policies because of their heritage is racism, but so is defending someone’s policies for the same reason.  The Left loves to pull out the race card at any opportunity to deflect from having to explain the logic, or more appropriately the lack of logic behind any of Obama’s policies.  But in reality who is actually playing the part of the true racist? During the 2008 election there were many people who were more than willing to readily admit that they voted for Obama solely because they saw it as a historic event and they wanted to be a part of history.  But what would actually be more historic, that we voted in our first Black President, or that we voted in the best possible candidate who just  happened to be Black?  You see, it is out of the shear ignorance of reality that so many who voted FOR Obama readily admitted their true racist intent and in the process became useful idiots of the hard Left. Obama is a socialist.  There is absolutely nothing in any of his policies that doesn’t involve ever bigger government and government control over personal freedom and free markets.  He represents a tyrannical centralization of power that completely contradicts the intent of our founding fathers and the Constitution.  Just like every other socialist, he promised us the earth and stars if we followed his utopian ideas, but in the end all we’ve gotten for doing so has been mud and darkness. If you go back and listen to Obama’s speeches from his days of campaigning you will actually hear him say what his true intent has always been.  He didn’t try to hide it.  Instead, the true racist hid it for him.  Those who thought that by voting for him they were somehow cleansing themselves of a sin seven generations removed were mere fools.  You see, true racism doesn’t come from noticing the color of a person’s skin.  It comes from ignoring everything else about them.
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