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The Desperation of Demonization

Posted by on April 15, 2012
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In my last commentary I demonstrated how it is impossible to redistribute wealth.  You can only redistribute poverty as I detailed in my explanation of why socialism always plays to the least common denominator.  Attacking the wealthy has never been meant to lift up the poor.  It’s only meant to bring down the rich.  Yes, we can all achieve equality, but only if everyone is equal in misery.  This same theory often holds true in politics as it does in economics.  Obama has no plans to disclose a logical strategy toward lifting up our economy.  After all, if he genuinely had a workable plan he’s certainly had plenty of time to have implemented it regardless of what he inherited.  Therefore, his whole campaign strategy is tailored around the idea of bringing down Romney.  His theory is that since his own record has proven him to be a failure, the only way to create campaign equality is to paint Romney as a failure as well. This explains why I can’t get any Liberals to provide a logical explanation of their beliefs.  The only responses I can ever get back are those of attack.  These responses aren’t meant to lift up a liberal ideology.  They are an attempt to tear down individual conservatives.  The theory once again being that if they can’t give you a reason to vote for their candidate, they will instead attempt to give you a reason NOT to vote for the opposition. The only person who is more foolish than the one that spins a tall tale is the one that believes it.  Trying to create demons out of thin air for political gain is nothing more than a strategy of desperation aimed at the mindless.  It’s a blatant insult to a person’s intelligence to claim that Republicans seek a war against women when women not only represent 1/2 of the constituency, but also make up 1/2 of the party.  I don’t recall too many wheel chair bound elderly people being shoved off a cliff either in real life or metaphorically during the 6 year span when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress along with the Presidency.  But just listen to the Democrats and they will swear that is our grand plan.  They will also try to convince you that Republicans hate the poor, yet during that same period mentioned above the poor were being provided with the greatest handout any government can offer…opportunity. Demonizing your opponent is far easier than providing your own answers.  The Left can attack Paul Ryan’s budget all they want, but let’s see their own.  In politics there is always a chance to point at something foolish that your opponent did, said, or voted on.  But the one axiom that always holds true is that demonization is also a strategy employed when someone is void of valid answers.  You can provide me with all the anecdotal stories you want about Romney’s evil deeds, but in the end I’m always going to come back with the same question over and over – “So what’s Obama’s answers?”
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