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Two Weeks in a Row

Posted by on April 16, 2012
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Obama started off this week in the same lousy manner that he ended last week.  The left wing media is so busy trying to put a positive spin on things that they risk screwing themselves straight into the ground.  They are going to start asking for hazard pay if this keeps up.  One thing that holds true in politics is that once a chink has been discovered in the armor the opportunity for the snow ball effect is always present.  Obama’s chink is now a full blown chasm. Things got going even before Monday rolled around when the media started documenting the full extent of the GSA scandal.  To steal a phrase from the Democrats own playbook “It has all the earmarks of a culture of corruption”.  I’ll bet they hate it when their own words come back to haunt them.  We were then provided with further evidence that such a culture exists when the story broke about the Secret Service sex scandal going on down inSouth America.  An open mic picking up Obama making vacation plans to revisit the area was, if nothing else, poor timing under the circumstances. Overall though, the real story line for this week has to be the latest poll numbers.  The important thing to understand is that Rasmussen polls likely voters instead of registered voters the way most polls do.  Historically this is a more expensive, but far more accurate statistical measure.  It’s bad enough that he’s now losing head to head against Romney.  But more importantly, the underlying numbers are even more devastating.  His presidential approval index is now -16, his job approval index is floundering in the 40’s, and his key legislation, Obamacare, is so unpopular it’s bound to bite him no matter which way the Supremes go. Obama isn’t going to have nearly as large of a war chest to fight the negatives as the Left wanted us to believe.  As Obama continues to have weeks like he has had lately, the less likely he is to draw in more donations.  This means he’ll be trying to dig out of a deep hole with a smaller shovel than he planned on.  Politics is a lot like sports.  Any team can get lucky and win one once in a while.  But spread over an entire season, it’s almost impossible to win the pennant when you have so many statistics stacked against you.
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