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Families We Can Believe In

Posted by on April 17, 2012
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America’s founders believed in the family, not as a rhetorical slogan to justify the growth of government, but as the primary unit of self-government.  The nuclear family, given fawning praise by modern liberalism, is actually the thing they most fear and despise.  Two loving parents raising children, instilling their own values has always been a major threat to the “nanny state.” I give credit to Rush Limbaugh for noting that the current war on stay at home moms is far more than elite feminists degrading that which they may never enjoy–a loving husband, father and provider.  No, Rush detected something much more dangerous to the left than unfulfilled desires.  He proclaims a universal truth that the stay at home wife and mother is not dependent on the state.  She enjoys autonomy from the mandates of government and will not be easily swayed by the purveyors of fear who often turn single mothers into de facto wards and defenders of the state. But this truth goes further.  The married wife and mother likely has a religious faith of some kind and will pass this on to her children.  Parents, even those who share a tepid faith, still see a need to raise offspring with a basic belief in something bigger than themselves (or government) and a desire for their children to learn, enjoy and pass-on faith-based traditions.  The travelers of the left have been patient and diligent in efforts to discredit all religious faith, knowing that citizens with faith will staunchly oppose progressive schemes. The recent comments by Hilary Rosen about Ann Romney‘s decision to stay-at-home and raise their five children was fortuitous in championing the value of stay-at-home moms, although the vast majority do not choose this option only because family wealth made this an easy decision. It is a shame that the terminology denotes “stay-at-home” versus “working moms.”  This demeans child-rearing moms as somehow less valuable members of society–nothing could be further from the truth.  The contradiction is striking. claims the value of the mother/homemaker is currently valued at $112,000 per year while progressives are eager to unionize nannies, daycare and preschool workers, claiming these are  important jobs.  They may well be important jobs, but why replace the very best option with paid surrogates?  For all the skepticism Conservatives harbor about Mitt Romney the candidate, no one doubts the Romney’s have raised five great kids and enjoy solid values within their own family.  That being said, the President’s campaign gurus will attempt to distort the Romney’s family-centric religious faith into a spooky and questionable lifestyle. Mothers have an innate protective sense that can only grow stronger when she can oversee her children progress during their days together.  The oft-maligned two parent family inherently wants to improve their own kids’ prospects.  They are constantly seeking information to provide their children with advantage in a competitive society.  Mothers, even in our urban core, know that sub-par public schools are hindering their children’s future success.  Government would prefer institutional education of America’s kids from toddler through college. But they cannot compete with a loving mother who can put in the time to teach children values and basic education.  Liberalism would prefer every child be handed over to credentialed educators who can begin indoctrination soon after potty training.   Give stay-at-home moms credit for seeing both the destructive mandates and progressive goals of the education establishment.  It’s no wonder that home schooling is in ascendency.  Conservatives face many battles in a society that mocks our country’s bedrock principles and all religious faith.  As Conservatives, we must support, promote and empower the stay-at-home mother against denunciation by the progressive media and a government that shows blatant hypocrisy when a women decides to make this choice.
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