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The Ignorance of Arrogance

Posted by on April 17, 2012
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In my book “Common Sense – A view from the Heartland” I describe how the Left promotes brilliance that is really nothing more than ignorance laced with arrogance.  Obama just proved my case yet again as he recently made public his latest tax returns while at the same time he was out campaigning for the Buffett rule.  What his tax returns revealed was that he paid a net 20.2% into federal income taxes for 2011.  Now think about that for a moment.  You have a President who is running around touting a bill that would force the wealthy to pony up a minimum 30% of their income in taxes as a measure of “fairness”, yet he is so stupid and arrogant that he can’t even bring himself to follow the very rule he’s touting.  This is who we are being led to believe is the smartest person in the room?  REALLY! Yes, I know, Obama made just slightly less than the $1 Million eventual minimum threshold of the Buffett Rule.  But seriously, if he truly believed this would be a cure for any of our ills don’t you think he would at least be smart enough to lead by example!  After all, it’s perfectly legal to overpay on your taxes.  So what was actually there to hold him back from simply writing in the extra digits on his return?  Obama is nothing more than the embodiment of the late Leona Helmsley who famously quipped that “taxes are only meant for the little people”.  It’s basic elitism 101. Obama’s elitist attitude goes far beyond this lone IRS caper.  Remember, he is the same person who said that we need to curtail lavish expenditures on things like vacation trips to Vegas.  At last count the Obama’s have taken a total of 17, count them 17, official vacations in the first 3 years he’s been in office.  All of them, of course, took place on the taxpayer’s dime.  He’s also the same person who is ridiculous enough to demand the last 10 years worth of Romney’s tax returns, yet refuses to turn over his own college transcripts.  Apparently his Ivy League education never taught him the basic principle that what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.  In my book I describe how elitist like Obama see their position in life as some sort of a birth right that they are entitled to in order to justify their arrogant behavior.   Rules are meant for the Subjects, never for the Rulers.  However, from where I sit the only detectable birth inheritance that Obama received besides his blatant hypocrisy is his utter ignorance.
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