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The Mulligan Month

Posted by on April 26, 2012
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If there was truly such a thing as mulligan’s in life, I’m sure Obama would love to declare one for April.  The month started off lousy and has gone steadily down hill from there.  The last week of the month is looking to be one for the record books in spite of the fact that Obama hasn’t even been able to dig himself out from the troubles of the month’s earlier weeks as of yet. The week started off bad when campaign financial disclosures revealed that he is on pace to only realize about 1/2 the total donations that he was expecting for his campaign.  He was then forced to concede that the strategy has been revised to the point where he will have to all but abandon both TV and radio and instead must refocus resources to a ground campaign.  The real reason for the switch is that he simply lacks a message.  He can’t run a positive campaign based on his record, slick slogans like “hope and change” don’t work if you’re already the incumbent, and his attack ads have been backfiring on him lately. The week got dimmer as the numbers started rolling in.  Revised unemployment has been edging upward to the point where even the liberal media is starting to refuse to carry his bogus message of a recovery.  Furthermore, his hold on key demographics such as the under 30 crowd and Hispanics is starting to wane.  He is now lagging a full 13 points behind in the crucial independent vote. As bad as the news above has been, the worst two bits of news have to have hit him like a bolt of lightening coming out of the blue.  First, everything strongly suggest that the Supremes are about to give him a second major smack down in a single month over Arizona’s SB1070 law.  For someone who was presented as some sort of a brilliant constitutional lawyer, he’s looking more like a high schooler who just flunked a civics exam.  Second, one of Obama’s own hand picked minions, Al Armendaris, was caught on video giving away the Left’s entire environmental playbook with his comments about crucifying the coal industry.  What the Left has always attempted to pawn off as the conspiracy theory paranoia of the Right has now been exposed as fact. In the realm of politics bad news tends to have a snowball affect.  Once a politician loses their underlying support there is nothing left to stop the freefall.  Signs of strain are now even beginning to appear with both the media and the Hollywood crowd as the rats seek to abandon what everyone is starting to understand is a sinking ship.  In the end there will be a mulligan declared.  It will just be declared in November by the American voters.
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