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It isn’t fair

Posted by on April 27, 2012
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Perhaps one of the worst words in the English language is the word “fair”.  I know this might sound like a strange statement to make about what should otherwise be viewed as a benign word.  After all, fairness is what we’ve been taught throughout our lives is a good thing that we should all be striving to maintain.  However, what makes the word “fair” so heinous is that it doesn’t carry a sound precise definition.  Instead its net value is an arbitrarily defined result that is open to conflicting interpretations.  History is full of wars that have been fought over its value.  Just try and get two kids that are fighting over a toy to agree on the definition of what is fair.  The loser in a court case will almost always tell you that the final decision wasn’t “fair” to them. If it somehow carried an empirical value in all circumstances it would be benign, but because the word is loaded with obscurity it can often be used instead as a weapon as long as the person wielding it maintains its obscurity.  That is precisely why you can never get the Left to give you the precise value of what constitutes a “fair” tax level for the wealthy.  They know that as soon as they do, the word will no longer be obscure and as a weapon it will be lost forever. Socialist and the Occupy Wall Street people desperately want the definition of “fair” to mean that we should all have exactly the same amount of “stuff”.  They seek to redistribute the possessions of the few equally amongst the many as they wield the weapon of “fairness” as a method of destroying the demons known as the rich.  But what they never like to discuss is the redistribution of the other aspects related to fairness?  Things like hard work, risk taking, sacrifice, and ingenuity all become casualties of the fairness wars.  On the old Seinfeld show they called it Bizarro World when things turned out to be the opposite of what they should be.  In the real world “fair” is the most unfair word I can think of.
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