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Confronting a Bully

Posted by on May 22, 2012
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There has been a lot of talk lately on the subject of bullying.  Romney was accused of being a teenage bully although there was never any real proof, only hearsay.  Obama confessed to bullying a girl in his book “Dreams from my Father”, but I imagine it’s been a while since their last physical confrontation.  I would like to think that I could cleanse my own soul by confessing of my sin of being the bully that I am.  The only problem with that idea is that to cleanse myself of such a sin would require contrition on my part and quite frankly, I’m not sorry, but instead I rather enjoy the role I play. What makes my sin seem so much worse is that I relish in the idea that my victim of choice is incapable of providing a defense against my repeated attacks.  I’ve offered on multiple occasions for my victim to play the role of the aggressor, but flight out of utter fear is the only response I’ve ever received.  I’m quite certain that the very thought of my existence sends shivers down my victims spine which brings a sense of joy to me.  I’m actually quite fond of the idea that my victim finds me repulsive. What I find most amusing of all is when my victim speaks loud and proud to all their friends when I’m not around as if the terrible beast I represent has somehow been slain thus turning my victim into the victor.  But we both know the truth.   I suppose the assumption is that there is strength in numbers, but I laugh because I know I can conquer both my victim and their allies at will. My victim has tried to ignore me, but I can’t be ignored.  They have tried to humiliate me, but in the end it has always been I who humiliated them.  They have even been foolish enough to dare standing up to me, but that only proved to make matters far worse.  The irony of the situation is that I don’t seek to destroy my victim.  I would actually rather prefer that they join with me instead if I could only convince them to do so.  However, until they see the light and come over to my side I will continue to haunt them forever.  For you see my name is Logic and my victims name is Liberalism.
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