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Democrat Voters Give “Uncommitted” a Thumbs-Up

Posted by on May 23, 2012
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Sometimes the Left simply can’t get out of its own way.  The Excuser-in-Chief and his minions just stumbled over themselves once again and tossed their own constituents under the bus in the process.  Obama was just embarrassed by his own party in 3 state primaries.  The democratic primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia shouldn’t have registered a blip on the news wire, especially Kentucky which didn’t even have any other candidates on the ballot.  Yet Obama almost blew it in all three primaries.  To make things even more embarrassing, in West Virginia he almost lost to a convicted felon currently doing time in Texas.  Yes, you read correctly.  He almost lost his own party’s primaries to a convicted felon in one state, and to thin air in another. So what was the Left’s excuse for such an incredible debacle?  Well, as we’ve already witnessed in the past, the Left doesn’t hesitate to whip out the handy-dandy racism card to divert attention from their bad performances.  Except this time they have a major problem.  By whipping it out so quickly they forgot to look at the obvious.  The Left has always tried to use racism against Republicans, but this was a democratic primary.  Therefore, the voters being thrown under the bus were all fellow Democrats.  To quote the great philosopher Homer Simpson “D’OH!”. To cover up this obvious blunder the Left further complicated the situation by claiming that what it really meant was Southern and Appalachian white people.  Thereby introducing D’OH! #2.  In case they hadn’t noticed, they were still pointing their racism charge at fellow Democrats, only now they were being even more specific about which voters they were placing on the sacrificial pyre.  This makes it much more difficult to back track on their accusations.  After following the absurd tactics that the Left employs I think I’ve finally figured out why they despise the 2nd Amendment so much.  It seems that every time they try to take a shot at their opponent they end up pulling the trigger while standing at the wrong end of the barrel.
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