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Liar, Liar

Posted by on May 24, 2012
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Jim Carrey once starred in a movie called ‘”Liar Liar” where his character was cursed with the inability to tell lies.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if Obama were to develop the same affliction?  The problem with liberalism in the modern era of politics is that it is far too easy to fact check when someone makes a false claim against their opponent.  Years ago the Left held all the media cards so it was easy to cover up the lies simply because there wasn’t anyone around to challenge them in a public forum.  The internet has changed all of that.  Now when Obama claims that Romney closed a steel plant while leaving the employees high and dry, it’s easy to verify that he was two years removed from Bain Capital when that supposed incident occurred. Any politician can get by occasionally stretching the truth.  However, there is a noticeable difference between exaggeration and blatant lies.  Just like with Pinocchio, after a while the lies start becoming too obvious to ignore.  I’m sure the Left is going to claim that even Romney has stretched the truth, but they fall far short of any verifiable lies.  What really matters to the public generally aren’t even the lies told about an opponent.  Those are expected.  It’s the lies a politician tells about one’s self that really count.  Once a politician has a record, lying about it simply doesn’t work with those who have lived through the truth.  Telling the unemployed that the economy is definitely improving while they are enduring foreclosures just isn’t a believable lie. Obama can claim he’s created 4.2 million jobs, but it’s real easy to check that at the same time he’s also lost over 6 million.  He may claim the economy would have been worse without his stimulus plan, but an easy check shows thatEuropewas improving without a stimulus plan while we were still in an economic free fall.  He can claim he saved GM with a bail out, but the financials prove Ford did better without one.  He can even claim that GM is paying back their loan, but what he can’t hide is that they NEVER paid back the $ Billions in bailout money they received, nor do they intend to. Obama’s minions are in perpetual back tracking mode because every time they try to fire off a volley at Romney simple fact checking causes it to ricochet.  The funny thing about liars getting caught up in lies is that typically they don’t confess their sins, they just try to cover them up with even more lies out of desperation.  The Left is so caught up in their own lies by now that they have no clue what the truth is anymore.  At this point I would love to hook Obama’s mouth piece Jay Carney up to a polygraph.  Although on second thought it would probably catch fire if I did.
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