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Nationalized Energy: A Step-by-Step Plan

Posted by on May 26, 2012
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In my book “Common Sense – A view from the Heartland” I detail exactly what Obama’s plans for the energy markets are.  Unfortunately, what I had predicted is exactly what is now happening.  It was announced earlier this week that the bid pricing for futures credits on the PJM grid for 2015 are running in excess of $130 per megawatt.  To put that into perspective the current 2012 price is only $16 per megawatt.  Yes, you are reading those numbers correctly.  We are looking at an 8 fold increase in electricity prices that is directly attributable to the EPA’s new restrictions on coal fired production facilities that are prevalent on the PJM grid.  This grid covers the area fromOhioall the way up through New England. In a pre-presidency interview Obama actually stated how he had plans to force prices up just exactly like he’s doing.  The reason is that once he gets prices high enough he plans to then demonize the energy companies as simply raising prices out of greed.  He will then demand price controls in an attempt to calm the markets.  The problem is that these price controls will force the energy companies to in essence sell energy for a cheaper price then they can produce it.  This will then cause a financial collapse amongst the energy companies.  Obama’s plan is to then declare these companies too vital to fail and he will step in and take them over.  It’s a socialism 101 strategy for nationalizing an industry. What Obama is doing isn’t some brilliant new idea.  History is loaded with tyrants who have nationalized assets in exactly this same manner.  Just pick up a paper and read what Chavez is doing down in Venezuela if you don’t believe me.  Peron, Castro, Stalin have all done the same thing.  I call it the circle of stupidity.  A politician creates stupid rules that cause a crisis.  They then blame those industries who are now at the mercy of these stupid rules as an excuse to come in and take over an industry that was otherwise functioning just fine on its own.  It’s like setting a house on fire, demanding that you get to drive the fire truck, and then telling everyone you’re the hero because you put the fire out.  Don’t let Obama fool you into believing he’s coming in to play the role of the hero when he’s already playing the role of the villain.
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