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Hopelessly Lost

Posted by on May 31, 2012
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There is an old joke about a man who is speeding down the road while totally lost.  When his wife points out the obvious to him, he replies “yes, but we’re making great time”.  We hear a lot from the Left about how the gap between the rich and poor continues to get wider.  They think that by waging a war against the wealthy things will somehow get better.  Well, as it turns out, the Left is totally lost, but they’re making great time. Wealth is a non-correlating dynamic number.  In other words, for me to become wealthier doesn’t require someone else to become poorer.  Conversely, taking wealth away from me doesn’t automatically make someone else richer.  Abraham Lincoln was even famously quoted as saying “You cannot make the poor wealthy by making the wealthy poor”.  Abraham Lincoln has just been proven correct.  There are now 129,000 fewer millionaires in this country than there were just a year ago.  If the Left’s war against the wealthy were justified then logic would dictate that the poor should be far better off based solely on that figure alone.  Yet that isn’t what’s happening.  Instead, we are seeing an increasing number of people living in poverty.  The Left has some serious explaining to do. The truth is that wealth redistribution has nothing to do with creating fairness.  It has everything to do with those seeking power manipulating the gullible under the false guise of providing a financial security blanket.  Rahm Emmanuel was once famously quoted as saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  That’s because he understood that during a crisis you can get people to agree to almost anything as long as it provides a promise of protection from that crisis.  Wealth redistribution is economic snake oil that falsely makes exactly that claim. I defy the Left to show me a single nation that has ever taxed, regulated, or redistributed their way to prosperity.  Meanwhile, we live in what has been by far the wealthiest nation in the history of mankind based solely on the idea of personal freedom and personal wealth.  Therefore, my simple question to Obama and the Left is this.  Why are you HOPING to CHANGE this country from a system that has proven to work in the past to a system that does not now, nor has ever worked before?  Logically if you plan to continue to use the slogan “FOREWARD” I would strongly suggest you first point your ideas in the right direction.  Otherwise, you’re just going to continue getting us even further lost.
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