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If Numbers Matter, Americans Are Ready for a Change

Posted by on June 1, 2012
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I just figured out why George W. Bush was at the White House the other day.  It had nothing to do with him being honored with a new presidential portrait.  It was so that Obama could blame him for the latest employment numbers.  Those numbers came out today and they are even more horrific than most pessimists had imagined with only 69,000 jobs being created in May.  Even the bogus U3 unemployment number ticked upward to 8.2%. As I stated recently Obama has a huge problem looming with the unemployment numbers.  The reason is that the officially published number is the U3 which only measures those actually collecting unemployment benefits.  At this point in his re-election campaign he’s screwed either way that number goes.  If it goes up he looks bad because the economy continues to look dismal.  If it goes down the extended unemployment benefits go away for most states.  If that happens even more people will be feeling the true pain of what this economy is really like. Here’s the reality check as we move closer to the November elections.  The Left can blame Bush all they want for what Obama inherited, but doing so ignores the fact that the Left had total control of Congress for Bush’s last two years in office.  Those two years coincide precisely with when things went south economically.  When Obama became president he had two full years to pass whatever he wanted through an all-too-compliant democratically controlled congress.  It’s now been 3 ½ years and he still hasn’t been able to right this ship.  Only a fool would think that he has a chance of pulling that off with yet another 4 year opportunity. The reason Obama is avoiding discussions on the economy at all costs during his campaign is that every single indicator is working against him.  True unemployment can no longer be hidden.  Inflation can no longer be hidden.  Obama’s latest ploy to hide his debt made even his staunchest of supporters wince with embarrassment.   Gasoline prices are double what he inherited.  Wall Street is losing faith as the market is starting to collapse.  Our debt rating has been cut for the first time in our history and we are losing our status as the benchmark currency of the world. Obama thought it was smart to bash Romney on his time at Bain Capital until he found out that Romney had a 78% success rate in turning around what had otherwise been poorly run companies.  By doing this he has accidently highlighted Romney as the turnaround expert this nation desperately needs.  Obama’s own words from the outset were that if he couldn’t make things right by the end of his first term he wouldn’t deserve a second.  Finally he has said something that I am in total agreement with.
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