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Grass Roots Still Leading the Charge

Posted by on June 18, 2012
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Let us make a bold assumption that the United States will avoid the agony of European-style statism, taxation and societal breakdown.  As the last bastion of freedom on earth, it probably goes without saying, Americans fighting for a constitutionally-limited government are the firewall preventing President Reagan’s “thousand years of darkness.”  Among nations, only the United States Constitution demands government remain subservient to the people and the individual states.  Although, we are currently witnessing a stark departure from that premise. In early 2009, Joe and Jane Citizen realized entrenched career politicians had abandoned individual liberty and fiscal responsibility.  The people dropped everything, grabbed their signs and rallied in the streets of middle America as well as D.C.  Taxpayers were dealt a brisk slap in the face and they pushed back.   And as 2010 shows,  they did so with great success.  The people organized and began the long ground war to takeover the Republican Party while sending a clear signal to progressive leaders in the Democrat party.  Dramatic success in 2010 brought fiscal conservatives back into the House and Senate to the chagrin of both political parties.  Along the way, the media and party bosses evolved in their view of the tea party movement.  Curiosity gave way to disdain as the movement organized to successfully win elections.  More troubling to guardians of the status quo is that the movement didn’t fade away, rather it evolved into thousands of organizations dedicated to oversight of our federal institutions and elected officials.  Suddenly, budgets mattered again.  The people no longer accepted the fiction that we could spend or print our way to prosperity and retire 16 trillion dollars in debt.  Americans were learning or relearning the principles embodied in America’s founding documents and holding politicians accountable to those principles. Success cast the Tea Party movement as an enemy to be destroyed.  A pliant media eagerly fabricated the narrative of tea party racists and kooks, having no evidence whatsoever.  The administration employed the Internal Revenue Service to harass these groups and entangle activists in a maze of bureaucracy.  Fortunately, new media patriots rushed to defend the victimized tea party groups and trumpet the truth.  The left sought to intimidate with fear, thinking that Chicago tactics would end the movement. But Tea Partiers are not easily deterred.  They understand that both their ancestors, legions of soldiers who fought for freedom and their future progeny demand devotion to this country and her ideals.  These Americans step boldly into the breach, with firm belief that God will clear a path for the righteous. The Tea Party has survived and I believe it will become an accepted part of America’s fabric, although the name will change.  Citizen activists have adopted the most effective tactics of the left and are beating them at their own game.  Big wins in Indiana and Wisconsin show passion and love of country drive good people to spend every waking hour organizing, calling and walking their neighborhoods to spread the message of fiscal responsibility, limited government and expanded freedom. Unlike America’s enemies (foreign and domestic), the grassroots activists of the tea party movement work day jobs.  The left must pay their activists as well as their voters.  A significant monetary advantage disappears when your allies only seek a payday. Just as it was in the days of Jefferson and Madison, a small irate minority will win the battles.  And when the Constitution regains prominence, millions of fans will jump on the bandwagon, but that’s alright.  Saving the Republic is too important to worry about who gets the credit.
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