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The Stranger Within

Posted by on June 18, 2012
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What do you think the odd are that if Nancy Pelosi were to wake up one morning and find me sitting at her kitchen table helping myself to the contents of her refrigerator that she would immediately call the cops and have me arrested?  Do you think I would get a similar response from a famous leftist like Barbara Streisand, or the former mayor of a sanctuary city such as Gavin Newsome?  How would you yourself react if you walked in and found a perfect stranger nuking a bowl of oatmeal in your microwave?  It’s easy for the Left to think it’s no big deal when something like that happens to others.  But then again, there’s a reason these same people all have heavy security measures in place around their own homes. Most people tend to lock their doors at night or when they are away simply because they prefer to control who, when, and for what purpose someone has access to their home.   It’s not that we aren’t willing to share what we have with others.  After all, our nation is made up collectively of the most generous compassionate people on the planet.  However, the reason we all lock our doors is because we are also smart enough to realize that there is more at stake than just the simple concept of compassionate sharing.  First, it represents a safety issue since we don’t know what the real intentions of perfect strangers might actually be for entering our home.  Second, it’s kind of nice to wake up in the morning hoping that we’ll at least have enough food available in our own kitchen to feed our own family with. Obama has just made the unilateral decision that we should no longer be worrying about controlling strangers who might wander in to our national house any old time they please regardless of why they are coming in.  He’s gone so far as to insist that we don’t even have the right to ask these strangers basic questions like their name or where they come from, let alone why they are in our kitchen.  Basically he not only unlocked our national front door, but has flung it wide open and put out a welcome mat for anyone and everyone to come on in and make themselves at home.  Some of you may think you disagree with me about this being a really bad idea.  However, it’s easy to prove it to yourself that you actually agree with my position.  All you need to do is ask yourself if you’ve been locking your own doors lately.
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