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The Real Reality

Posted by on June 20, 2012
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As strange as this may sound the single biggest opponent of the Left isn’t the Right.  It’s reality.  The single biggest bane of the Left isn’t the Tea Party.  It’s technology.  The reason the Left has been losing ground politically over the last several years is that the Right has finally figured out how to use technology to force the Left into accepting a true picture of reality.  In the past the mainstream media held a monopoly on painting the political picture of what constituted reality.  The Left was only able to control the message as long as the left leaning media was able to maintain control over our perception of reality.  However, technology in the hands of the average citizen has since changed all of that and in doing so has cost the Left the ability for the media to maintain their slanted view of what they wanted us all to believe was reality. During the 2008 campaign Obama was able to slide in under the radar completely unvetted because the mainstream media refused to ask even the most basic of vetting questions and the Right hadn’t yet gotten itself up to speed on the use of technology.  That has since changed and it’s driving the Left crazy.  Now when someone from the Left says something stupid there is always someone like me around to challenge the validity of their statement.  Now when someone throws out some absurd claim it can be easily refuted.  When this happens it’s now the accuser who gets to play the role of the fool. MSNBC has been caught several times lately purposefully editing tapes to slant appearances.  The problem is that once the originals are publicly produced MSNBC has been revealed to be nothing but a bunch of media hacks.  They can no longer lay claim to being true journalist.  Now when Obama does something like invoking executive privilege in the Fast and Furious case it’s real easy to scan the archives to find the video of him chastising Bush for using executive privilege when he was President.  When Sheila Jackson Lee does something stupid like act appalled that someone would call a sitting Attorney General a liar, it’s really easy to find the video of her doing  the same thing to a sitting President. In the modern world no one controls the message anymore and we don’t need to rely on someone else to do our vetting or fact checking for us.  We can do it ourselves.  This is the way it should be in a free society.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure there will occasionally be a Republican who will find themselves caught in a hypocritical trap as well.  But it’s the Left who for the most part has been spoiled by the protections of the mainstream media.  Therefore, it is the politicians of the Left who are the ones who are currently suffering the withdraw symptoms now that their protection has been taken away.
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