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Failure of Senate Joint Resolution 37 Brings on the Pain

Posted by on June 21, 2012
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Grassroots activists and electricity rate payers throughout Ohio were urged to contact Senators Portman and Brown, and urge them to vote for S.J. resolution 37 which would stop the destructive Utility MACT rule from being implemented by the EPA.  Although Senator Portman voted for the resolution, his vote along with 45 Senators was insufficient to stop this rule from going into effect.  Sadly, several Republicans voted with the majority of Democrats to kill the Inhofe Resolution, which more than offset the few Democrats from coal states who voted to protect their citizens from exorbitant energy rates and higher unemployment. The vote which took place on Wednesday, June 20, went down to defeat 46 yea to 53 nays. Party affiliation obviously has little bearing on a Senator’s concern for limited government, personal freedom or your family’s financial struggle to prosper, or … survive. And there are some folks in the Senate who’ve become creatures of government, like Lamar Alexander from Tennessee, who just threw his constituents under the coal bin.  Some people disappoint us immediately, like Scott Brown of Massachusetts who is looking ahead to his race against Elizabeth Warren.   I suppose folks in in the Northeast aren’t quite ready for small government, fiscal conservatism.  Let’s see how they feel during the next rolling blackout. If the progressive movement is fighting a war on coal, they have just won a major battle.  New coal power plants will not be built–period.  Additionally, companies forced into retro-fitting existing plants to meet the new Maximum Achievable Control Technology have decided that in most cases it’s not a financially sound decision based on current ROI.  This great article in Forbes will take readers into the weeds of the why and how of meeting new technology standards, as well as explaining the reasons coal-fired plants cannot survive the latest EPA mandates. Our legislators have cast coal dependent states, like Ohio, into the abyss of unreliable expensive energy and a scramble for alternatives that simply don’t exist at this time. I hope our fellow citizens will unite behind Senate candidates who see the dangers of restricting access to America’s abundant domestic sources of energy.  We must elect people who use rational guidelines to balance environmental concerns with promoting exploration and acquisition of domestic coal, oil, and natural gas.  The revival of Ohio’s and our nation’s economy hinges on key decisions we make in the next several months.  Let’s acknowledge that the future is truly in the hands of we the people and unfortunately, there will be no do-overs.  Please remember these votes in November. #WarOnCoal     @edbellOH
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