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Getting the Lead Out

Posted by on June 21, 2012
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What has been going on with the Fast and Furious case has become an absolute outrage.  Both politicians and political pundits from the Left have been running around claiming this to be nothing more than a political witch hunt.  The more than obvious problem with that claim is that in a typical witch hunt there is never an actual offense that has been committed, but instead someone is just being persecuted based on trumped up charges for political gain.  That definition doesn’t apply in this case due to the fact that we have multiple corpses to provide more than adequate evidence that an actual case exist.  Therefore, the real issue is no longer about whether or not a crime was committed, but who should ultimately be held accountable. It is the Left who is clearly playing politics with this case.  For a congresswoman to feign outrage about an Attorney General being called a liar when that same Attorney General has already been caught by his own words in a lie is itself an outrage.  Casting a vote to protect a person simply because of the letter that person carries after their name is about as egregious an act as a politician can perpetrate.  If that’s the standard to be used for future cases than we are all in major trouble because as long as the guilty person is currently a member of the majority political party they run no real risk of facing the consequences of illegal acts. When the Democrats won control of everything in 2008, then House Speak Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” related to corruption.  In reality what we’ve seen is that she didn’t drain the swamp, she restocked it.  During that same campaign Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent administration in history.  Well the use of executive privilege is about as transparent as looking through a block of lead.  It’s time that we ALL demand that both Obama and Holder get the lead out and reveal the truth about this very real crime.
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