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My How the Mighty have Fallen

Posted by on June 25, 2012
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Oh my, how the mighty have fallen!  As recently as just last year we were being told that no matter who the Republican’s managed to put up against Obama in this years presidential race, they would never be able to compete against his developing economic recovery and $1 Billion campaign war chest.  Obama would easily be able to outspend his opponent as he carried his message of “Hope and Change” “Forward” to every nook and cranny of this great nation. The problem with that rhetoric, of course, is that we now know that none of it is true.  First of all, there is no recovery.  Any politician can play games with the numbers, but only for so long.  It’s one thing to read about a recovery.  It’s another thing to live it.  After almost 4 years of Obamanomics the average American family has lost roughly 40% of their net worth.  So it becomes a joke when he tells people that things are looking up.  This is especially true when it’s coming from a President that is so out of touch with those same families that while they are suffering, he’s spending his time playing 100 rounds of golf, taking 17 expensive tax payer funded vacations with his own family, and hanging with A-list celebrities, all the while proclaiming that “the private sector is doing just fine”. As it turns out Obama’s war chest is only going to be about ½ the size that we were led to believe.  Many of the large corporate donors have bailed on him after he demonized them over the course of his first term in order to hide his disastrous policies.  Even though he’s had a few high profile events with the likes of George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker, the truth is thatHollywoodis abandoning him in droves as his persona becomes ever more toxic.  After all, it’s not hip to be associated with failure.  He has sunken so low now that he’s begging his zombie-like followers to break into their kid’s piggy banks just to fund his floundering campaign.  The problem is that those piggy banks have already been raided just to keep the family afloat during his faux recovery. The Left views Obama as some sort of mystical creature, a magician that they are certain will eventually pull the rabbit out of the hat and dazzle us all with his brilliant trick once again.  Perhaps someone should tell them that the rabbit, if there ever was one, ran away years ago.  Typically presidential campaigns are defined by their October surprises.  The only surprise that will be around for this one is if there are still people foolish enough to believe that Obama is the answer.
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