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The Bard Understood the Left

Posted by on June 27, 2012
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William Shakespeare wrote a famous line in the play Hamlet that went like this, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.  This line was related to Gertrude’s denial of any role related to Hamlet’s father’s death where she instead became overzealous in her attempt to pin the crime on Hamlet.  A variant of that line has become a modern day lexicon for when someone becomes overzealous as they point the finger at others related to what is in reality their own guilt.  Case in point is that there are at least three such examples where the Left attempts to paint a guilty picture of the Right for what are actually their own sins. Example number one has to do with the continual charge against the Right for what they deem as “hatred”.  What are simple policy disagreements always seem to somehow get elevated to a level worthy of the word hate.  According to the Left the Right hates gays, women, minorities, immigrants, and possibly even the man in the moon.  In truth it’s the Left who hates.  What they hate is anyone who dares to disagree with any of their policies.  God forbid that instead of childish name calling they should actually attempt to defend any of their policies in the arena of ideas with valid logical arguments.  After all, the other thing the Left hates is the idea of having to think for themselves. Example number two has to do with their continual charge against the Right with the use of the word racist.  A simple jaunt through history paints a much different picture of the Democratic Party than what the Left would like for any of us to remember.  It was the Dixiecrats who perpetrated the bulk of the discrimination of blacks prior to the 1960’s.  The famous segregationist George Wallace was a Democrat as was the late Senator Robert Byrd who rose through the political ranks of the Democratic Party as a recruiter for the KKK.  Conversely, it was the original Republican Abraham Lincoln who led this nation in its war against slavery.  It was Republicans who finally pushed civil rights through congress.  You don’t see anti-Semitic signs at Tea Party rallies.  You see them at Occupy Wall Street. The third example has to do with the whole idea of calling the Right a bunch of obstructionists.  Apparently we are all evil simply because we refuse to continually acquiesce our positions on issues.  God forbid the Left should ever be held up to that same standard.  Never mind that it’s the Left that has let over 30 jobs bills languish in the Senate.  You know, the same democratically controlled Senate that hasn’t even bothered to come up with a budget proposal in over 3 years.  Having a differing position doesn’t make someone an obstructionist.  However, perpetually surrendering your position does make you useless. I’m a realist.  There’s a point when someone calls me something enough times where I stop listening to the words and instead start focusing on the angle of how they are attempting to employ those words.  It’s easy to throw words around with reckless abandoned, but it’s another thing to actually justify their use.  It’s time for the Right to stop playing defense on those words and instead make the Left start explaining their own positions.
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