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Dreams of a Tyrant

Posted by on June 28, 2012
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Our Forefathers founded a nation designed around the premise of a tightly restricted centralized government on purpose.  That purpose was to prevent tyranny from garnering too much power such that it could usurp the will of the people by chipping away at our freedoms under the auspice of looking out for our “best interests”.  The design was such that if we needed our interests taken care of by any form of government it should be done more locally which explains the fundamental difference between Romneycare and Obamacare. The battler over Obamacare has never been about health care.  It is and always has been about control.  It’s not just about control over all things health care related either.  It’s about the government having complete control over our lives.  Government was never meant to have unabated control over both what we can do and what we can’t.  Today’s ruling hasn’t just opened wide the door for the government to have direct control over our health, but also to have direct control over all other aspects of our lives as well.  We can still repeal Obamacare and we should, but the damage has been done.  It’s no longer just a matter of stopping this terrible beast for the beast is now certain to bring along friends.  The new question is how do we stop all those other beasts that are certain to follow? The Left may think this is a time for celebration, but that would be terribly short sighted.  The centralization of power may seem enticing, but only while you’re sitting on the inside looking out.  But what about how that power can also be turned against you once you’re on the outside looking in?  After all, what’s to stop the next administration from doing all sorts of nonsense like taxing women for NOT having children?  What’s to stop the next administration from mandating that all gay men get castrated or else face a huge surtax on their lifestyle?  What’s to stop the next administration from throwing open our borders, but only to chauvinistic homophobic racists?  Once you open the door for tyranny, tyranny never passes up the opportunity to step through.  Once you invite the devil into your home he’s the one who’s now in charge. Today’s ruling will ultimately prove to be a victory for neither the Left nor the Right.  Today’s ruling will only be a victory for tyranny.  The centralized government that our Forefathers fought so desperately against has just been realized through the combination of greed and stupidity.  This is a decision that in the long run the Left will come to regret.  Asking for things from the government is like asking for things from the Mafia.  It’s not so important what the favor is that you ask of the Godfather, but what the favor is that the Godfather then asks of you in return.
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