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Constitution on the Rocks

Posted by on June 29, 2012
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The Constitution was a contract between “We the People” and a new Federal government (with the States as the people’s representatives and intermediaries) which gave that new government certain limited powers and responsibilities which were carefully prescribed to avoid future tyranny.  In the last few weeks, we have seen that none of the three branches of the Federal Behemoth can be trusted to limit its growth or intrusiveness into the lives of its citizens:  1.)The executive branch of the government can refuse to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities to carry out the laws passed by the legislative branch with impunity. 2.)The Constitutional limitations on the governments intrusion into the lives of its citizens no longer exist.  3.)Roberts justified the Obamacare monstrosity in ways Obama’s goons couldn’t image. The result is the Constitution has now been nullified by the government which it created and the social contract between government and governed is now null and void. When a contract is nullified, generally parties are free to go there separate ways.  It will be interesting to see what the other parties decide to do. Let this be a wake up call to those sitting on the sidelines thinking our government would “right” itself WITHOUT intervention from “We the People”. Grassroots opportunities abound: 1.)  Remember all senate races are national.  Senators confirm federal judges (including supreme court judges), ratify international treaties (to maintain our sovereignty), preside over impeachment proceedings – to mention a few of the more critical.  So, find senate races that need help.  It doesn’t matter if they’re in your state.  New online phone banking allows you to call from home  - securely and inexpensively (free). 2.)  Regardless of who / what you wanted for a president, if the first paragraph above is painful to read, we must eliminate this sham of a president and his criminal czars.  Now before the CIA/FBI bots interpret this sentence, I’ll be clear.  WE MUST VOTE OBAMA OUT in November. 3.)  Whether you go to your candidate’s local office, Tea Party, Liberty Group, Community Values organization, or Church; we can’t just go by thinking that our vote will be enough.  We all have to proselytize.  It’s not natural for any of us – OK, career politicians.  Seriously, we can multiply our vote be getting others to realize the importance of getting out to vote this and every year.  So, have a block party, Gin & Tonic party (one of my favorites with extra lime), or Pancakes with Patriots.  Spread the word.  Get to know your politicians.  Be sure their actions match their “pitch”. We have to save our republic by EDUCATING everyone that it’s not a left/right thing (Roberts helped prove that today), as much as it is  Government vs the Governed or between tyranny and liberty.  All humans desire their personal freedom regardless of political persuasion. NOW WE MUST STAND for with liberty comes great responsibility.  The future of our republic –  for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren will be decided by our ACTIONS or IN-ACTIONS. My grandfather (God bless his soul) among other sage advise, told me the two most important documents in the history of man are the Bible and the Constitution of the United States.  He enlisted before the draft in world war two to fight tyranny and felt his oath to “…support and defend the Constitution…” was on par with baptism – a holy contract.  Let’s not let his sacrifice or that of so many who have fought for our freedom be in vain. Not to confuse founding documents but, for this July 4th, let’s renew our Declaration of Independence from a tyrannical ruling class who believe they can tax and control without representation.  I’ve included a link –  click here.  We can all use a refresher. So can our government! May God bless these United States of America! (notice plural)  
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