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The Chicken versus the Egg Question

Posted by on July 18, 2012
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If you had just signed a multimillion dollar contract, should the lumberjack who felled the tree where the paper for the contract came from also get a cut of the deal for the role he played?  When was the last time you felt that you owed something extra to the farmer for the wheat that went into the bread on the sandwich you had for lunch?  Yes, without those types of people in the background few of the things we do in modern life would ever be possible.  Big Deal!  There is always the proverbial 6 degrees of separation that exists between an object and how you can relate an infinite number of people to it.  The reason we don’t worry about such silly concepts in life is because we know that they are already being compensated for whatever role they might have played on the front end.  It’s a trickle up system where the farmer pays for the seed.  The baker then pays the farmer for the wheat.  The store owner then pays the baker for the bread, and we pay the store owner.  Everyone gets compensated for their role along the way.  We are already paying taxes for providing the items that Obama is talking about, so what exactly is his point? Obama would love for us to blindly believe that the taxes he’s talking about will be used for things like bridges and roads.  The problem is that’s not where the money would even be going.  He’s trying to guilt us into going back and re-thanking others for simply doing their jobs so that we’ll be convinced to pay even more in taxes.   These new taxes won’t be going for more roads and bridges.  Instead they will be going to support social programs for those that aren’t even working.  His statement was nothing more than a different angle of promoting the same sad old failed idea of wealth redistribution that he’s been trying to implement since the beginning.  The only change he’s made is that instead of spending and then collecting (Stimulus I); his new plan is to collect and then spend (Stimulus II). Obama’s statement is nothing more than the classic chicken versus the egg question.  Obama claims that without roads and bridges businesses wouldn’t exist.  What he totally forgot is that without businesses, the taxes necessary to build those roads and bridges also wouldn’t exist.  For the record, a quick jaunt through history shows that businesses were already thriving in this country through the simple idea of freedom and free markets long before there were any roads, electricity, or even Al Gore’s internet.  The left thinks that business can’t exist without the role of government while forgetting that government can’t exist without the role of businesses.
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