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How about an honest argument for a change?

Posted by on July 23, 2012
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Personally I’m really getting fed up reading all the lame garbage about how the Tea Party and Republicans hate firemen, teachers, police officers, etc. simply because we refuse to continue making bad promises to pony up more of what we already can’t afford.  Quite frankly I don’t know of anyone from any party that doesn’t respect and admire the work that these people all do and it’s an intellectually dishonest argument to accuse otherwise.  Support and funding are two different things and if someone wants to throw out such accusations then it should be noted that it’s the Occupy Wall Street people who have been walking around with the “Cop Killing” signs, not the Tea Party. Speaking as a former public sector employee whose wife is also a current one I can assure you that no one respects the work of those in such occupations more than I do.  Personally as a capitalist I love to see anyone who puts in an honest days work making as much as possible for doing so whether they are public sector, private, union, or even entrepreneurs.  However, anyone with ½ a brain already understands that there is only so much tax dollars to go around and that those who are paying the taxes simply don’t have any more to give.  Funding for all public sector jobs is a simple mathematical equation where we’ve already seen that doling out more than we are taking in is an unsustainable model.  If you don’t believe me then I would suggest you start paying attention to all the cities out inCaliforniathat are declaring bankruptcy.  An honest argument would instead be to go after those who are wasting our tax dollars on things like Solyndra and multi-million dollar government funded vacations instead of those who are actually fighting for our fiscal sanity. We see government at all levels floundering in an abyss of fiscal chaos because our leaders promised more than they should and now it’s time to pay up.  Since there is only a finite amount of money available it must be portioned out accordingly.  That means that giving out raises might ultimately cost equipment.  New equipment might cost manpower, and additional manpower might mean sacrificing wages.  It’s time to grow up and get real.  It’s not a matter of hating public sector employees that is the issue.  This is simply a matter of having a grown up common sense understanding that no matter how you want to slice the pie, the pie doesn’t get any bigger, the pieces just get smaller as you continue slicing.
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