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Arming the Right People

Posted by on July 24, 2012
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Since the Left has already shown their intentions of using the tragic massacre in Colorado for political purposes by espousing their gun control views, I thought it only prudent that I counter by espousing my own thoughts on the issue as well.  Not only would gun control not have prevented this tragic event from occurring as has been proven already in heavy gun control countries like Norway and even within our own borders with gun control cities like Chicago, but in reality it can be argued that having more relaxed gun control laws actually saves lives.  As is usually the case, the short sightedness of the Left focuses on the emotional side of the argument while once again failing to see the obvious. This nut job (note – I applaud Obama for refusing to grant him even more fame by using his name) obviously knew how to make explosives.  Had he used that expertise to rig the theater or some other public venue similar to how he did his apartment, an instantaneous blast from a strategically positioned device(s) could have easily proven to be far more devastating than the time consuming one-on-one efforts of using an assault rifle.  Furthermore, if those who are qualified for CCW were allowed more freedom to carry their weapons in more public venues, more incidences such as this one could be nipped in the bud before they ever get a chance to unfold to their fullest extent.  This concept has been proven at least twice just within the last week alone. Guns in the wrong hands can be used to kill people, but so can knives and rocks.  Conversely, guns in the right hands can be used to save lives.  As has been proven a million times before, as long as there are criminals, criminals will always have guns.   No matter how good our intentions we can logically deduce that the wrong people will have them no matter what the law says.  After all, there are almost as many guns already floating around this country as there are people.  Therefore, we should be focusing our efforts less on the futility of disarmament and more on the practicality of ensuring that guns remain available to the right people.
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