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The Great Orator

Posted by on July 24, 2012
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The Great Orator recently sabotaged his own campaign on July 13th with a speech inRoanoke,VA in which he openly declared war on capitalism.  By doing so he took all of those who might have been sitting on the fence about this election and forced them to choose sides between a successful capitalist and an avowed socialist.  Obama had unwittingly unveiled his true socialist agenda and pitted it head on against capitalism in a winner take all format.  It was a strategic mistake bore out of the shear desperation of being forced to run on an otherwise dismal record.  Every campaign has that defining moment which paints the eventual loser.  Who can forget Howard Dean’s infamous rally scream, the picture of Michael Dukakis looking ridiculous in the army tank, or Nixon sweating profusely in his debate against Kennedy?  This was an act that will prove to be Obama’s own moment to forget. The thing about words is that once they are spoken, there’s no taking them back.  Obama is trying to claim he was taken out of context, but there’s no mistaking his intent.  The Great Orator out orated himself to his own political demise by revealing himself in his true form.  If he wants to place the blame elsewhere as he usually does he might seek to blame his teleprompter.  Who knows, perhaps the teleprompter he was using for that speech was something else he had inherited from Bush.  It doesn’t really matter though because once the mask has been pulled back there’s no more denying who was really hiding behind it all along. Everyone keeps worrying about Romney defending himself against the attacks coming from the Great Orator, but why?  The polling numbers show that the current attacks are having no affect whatsoever and instead will have been all used up by the time we get to the debates.  Since he’s exhausted all of his Romney bashing bullet points and he can’t talk about his own failed record, what good are oratory skills if Obama doesn’t have anything left to talk about?  If he even attempts to put blame on Bush or Congress he’ll get laughed off the stage.  After all, it’s been 4 years since Bush, and how many presidents can you name that haven’t had to deal with an uncooperative Congress at some point in order to get things done? Four years ago we were told that Obama was too intelligent for us mere mortals to comprehend.  He looked intelligent, he sounded intelligent, and the media was continually telling us just how intelligent he was.  Obama is continually trying to claim that by Romney not revealing his tax returns dating all the way back to the Taft administration that it must be a sure sign that he has something to hide.  Based on the way Obama has run his campaign now that he has a record to cite, it’s a pretty sure bet as to why he has never unsealed his own academic records.
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