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The True Hypocrites

Posted by on July 24, 2012
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The ignorance of the Left never ceases to amaze me.  Time and time again I see pundits and posts coming from the Left commentating on the hypocrisy of the elderly who on one hand complain about over spending by our government, while on the other hand are collecting Social Security and Medicare at the same time they are complaining.  The Left thinks they are so intelligent by pointing out this supposed conflict of moral outrage.  In reality what they are actually pointing out is their own stupidity. Yes, it’s true that the elderly do complain about government over spending as well they should.  And yes, it’s also true that they do subsist on government programs such as Social Security and Medicare while doing their complaining.  However, what’s not true is that these are government handout programs that should even be lumped in with the overall spending spree of our government.  The money they are living on was never meant to be comingled with the general fund in the first place.  A simple look at your W2 will show you that these items are being forcibly taken from you on every paycheck as separate line items under the promise of that money being returned in the form of later benefits.  To expect repayment of something that was taken from you isn’t hypocrisy.  Denying to you that it was ever really yours in the first place is what true hypocrisy is all about. There is a profound difference in expecting something back that you’ve already paid for versus demanding something for nothing.  The elderly in this country worked hard, sacrificed, and now have a right to demand back that which was taken from them.  To attempt to paint those who did so with the same brush strokes as those who simply wish to game the system for freebies is an outrage.  Those who make such a charge do so either out of ideological arrogance, or their own utter stupidity.  Either way, they should have a better understanding of their charge before making it.  Otherwise, they are merely proving who the true hypocrites really are.
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