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The True Virtue of Moral Outrage

Posted by on July 26, 2012
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The greatest virtue of moral outrage is self-incrimination, for it is the sinner who best recognizes the sin.  We see it all the time in politics where someone will express outrage over an issue only to inadvertently reveal their own transgressions.  Self-righteousness is not a friendly trait of the sinner.  Hypocrisy on the other hand paints with a true color all its own. Those who accuse Obama’s political opponents of racism are simply showing their own racist traits.  After all, it’s no more racist to disagree with a Black politician than it is a White one.  However, it is racism in its true form which allows someone to defend a person’s position based on nothing more than the charge of racism no matter what that color of the person being defended happens to be.  In another example, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is now trying to block Chick-Fil-A from expanding into theChicagomarket based on the idea that the viewpoint of the top executives on gay marriage lacks tolerance.  But doesn’t the Mayor’s battle against Chick-Fil-A display his own lack of tolerance against those with a viewpoint that differs from his own?  The main stream media shows its true colors when it harps against hateful vitriolic discourse by utilizing hateful vitriolic discourse with the expectation that nobody will notice. Outrage often begins by being masked under the guise of political correctness which is nothing more than a method of censorship.  When censorship itself doesn’t work feigned outrage is deployed out of shear desperation.  It’s that point in the debate where logic and reason are no longer a possible response option.  Therefore, the most direct emotional weapon must be deployed as a last resort.  The Right must all be racist otherwise the Left has no means to defend Obama’s record.  Christians must all be defined as homophobes that are feared the same way the children were taught to fear “Those We Do Not Speak Of” in M. Night Shyamalan’s, The Village.  In reality the whole Left/Right debate has raged on since this nation’s founding.  Obama being Black didn’t create political discourse.  His being a socialist is what pushed the discourse to extremes.  Christians as a whole aren’t all homophobic zealots.  Instead, most prefer to take the attitude of hate the sin, but love the sinner.  Rush Limbaugh hasn’t said anything that Ed Schultz hasn’t topped when it comes to derogatory descriptives. The only true outrage that I feel is that which comes from the idea that honest debate is no longer an option.  It’s Okay to have differing opinions as long as we each understand why we have those opinions in the first place.  For the record I don’t hate Blacks, Gays, Women, the poor, or anyone else.  Nor do I seek to shove Grandma off a cliff.  I believe in having a Federal Government and the taxes necessary to make that government function.  I would just prefer to see that government limited to its proper roll as defined by the Constitution and all the taxes get used wisely and efficiently.  If that makes me a radical than so be it.  If not, then enough of the BS, so that we can get back to debating like adults.
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