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The Summer of Our Discontent

Posted by on August 5, 2012
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The President is consolidating his executive authority and directing his top agency directors to do the same. Mr. Obama erased the most successful reform of the Clinton administration; asking HHS Director Kathleen Sibelius to waive the work requirement for adults seeking TANF or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.  This welfare program is the rare example of a federal reform that actually reduced annual outlays, year-over-year and modestly improved quality of life for many families. No imperial Presidency would be complete without abusing executive authority to protect flagrant criminal activity from prosecution.  The Fast and Furious scandal involves gunplay, dead Mexican citizens and a murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, using guns allowed to walk across the border by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives BATFE.  What follows is a cover up by the top U.S. law enforcement official, Eric Holder, and a House vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt. This was the first time in American history that Congress has imposed the sanction on a sitting member of a president’s cabinet. Mr. Holder refused to produce Justice Department documents as requested by a House issued subpoena.  Only then did the President invoke executive privilege to prevent the House from obtaining the documents.  Who could argue that the Watergate scandal which brought down a Presidency, pales in comparison. Sweltering summer days seem to invite this administration to burn the Constitution. Recently, secret White House briefings on national security were leaked from someone with apparent ties to the White House.  One can only speculate that the intent is to enhance the President’s stature.  Only high level staffers are privy to the delicate information that was leaked to media.  The ensuing F.B.I. investigation has frozen the line of communication between national security staff and media. There is a discrete balance as too much secrecy can be as destructive as loose lips. August opens with the President contemplating enacting the failed cyber-security legislation, or internet agenda via executive order.  Readers may recall the individual privacy concerns that prompted Congress to kill the bill. It’s true that all Presidents have made frequent use of executive orders, but this administration has used the tool for sweeping changes that alter the fabric of American society.  Early in the year, the White House circumvented Congress by allowing 800,000 to several million illegals under 30 to remain in the U.S. with some educational stipulations. President Obama has expanded the authority of the Executive Branch beyond all legal or rational limits, yet Congress is unable or unwilling to call out this President for ignoring the Constitutional limits intended by the founders.  Once again, we the people must grab the mantle of leadership and replace this executive and all the elite establishment who would forfeit our freedom and the rule of law to protect their own position and influence.
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