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A Time for Choosing

Posted by on August 9, 2012
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If you’re a Ohioan and a Conservative, the world is once again focused on your every decision.   Now, more than ever before, it is critical that  Ohioans are confident in their values and beliefs.  The mainstream media remain confounded that conservatives won’t swallow manufactured narratives about the evils of free markets, the war on women, the need to dismantle our military, and the fiction that we can borrow our way back to prosperity. Many conservatives are standing on the sidelines, quietly observing the drumbeat of “Hope and Change” or more appropriately, the “march to tyranny.”  Good people in society will bend like a willow to avoid conflict and this is not meant as a criticism.  It’s a deep concern for millions of good people who embrace a “live and let live” attitude–a pleasing quality, but one that allows ambitious ideologues to proceed unabated toward their goals.   Now, citizens are witnessing a decay of respect for our Constitution, property and the rule of law.  Unfortunately, a significant segment of society seeks fundamental transformation of our system of government, some are seeking to tear down our institutions and reconstruct a different America, wholly unrecognizable to our forefathers.  Every American will soon realize that standing on the sidelines is not an option, and that not choosing is also making a choice. Do we court risks by publicly standing firm on principle?  Absolutely.  Making choices about important issues is the toughest thing we do as civic-minded citizens.  It means opening ourselves, our families and our communities to scrutiny, criticism and derision in a society that often denigrates people who speak out.   Radical elements in society will personalize attacks against individuals, their businesses, employers and families.   Stopping and exposing this type of activity is critical.  Attacks and intimidation harken back to the tactics employed prior to some of history’s darkest days. People have stopped laughing when conservative-minded folks talk about a slippery slope to,”statism” (giving due credit to Mark Levin).  And we have noticed this direction is popular with a growing percentage of Americans.  Election Day 2012 will solidify the bureaucratic infrastructure or begin the arduous task of stopping the growth, and just maybe, beginning repeal of the PPACA, and other massive programs. Media spouting the conventional wisdom is also attempting to convince Americans that the only issues to be considered are fiscal, relegating all other aspects of Conservatism to the sidelines.  Our spending and growth of government don’t exist in a vacuum.  Government has grown because several generations have been informed that all solutions must emanate from enlightened intellectuals in government.  Thank you Woodrow Wilson.   We Conservatives previously shared our views only at intimate gatherings of family or close friends.  Unfortunately, our complaints about indoctrination of the young by a leftist media and academia draw stark contrast with our silence in the public domain.  Today’s parents and grandparents were taught to never discuss religion and politics in public or outside of the immediate family.  Over time, people stopped talking about these subjects within the family.  Just maybe, this was a deceptive way of keeping the majority of Conservatives from working together toward common goals.  Well, it worked.  Socialist dogma has replaced religion in many quarters and make its presence felt in every avenue of American life. It’s really not too late to turn the tide, but it will be a marathon not a sprint.  The great tsunami of progressive policy has altered the relationship between people and government.  The battle will require conservatives to take a prominent role in their community organizations and a leadership role in our families. This turning point brings us to a moment of deep soul-searching and a time to choose.  What do you choose?
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