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Be Careful What You Hunt For

Posted by on August 11, 2012
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The first time my hound dog spotted a raccoon in the woods she couldn’t get to it fast enough.  By the time she had caught up to it and realized exactly what she had gotten herself into her attempt to get away was even faster.  Romney has tapped Paul Ryan as his running mate, and just like how my hound dog naively viewed that raccoon at first, the Left is now drooling at the thought of getting to Ryan on his budget proposal.  Something tells me they will quickly learn the same lesson as my dog. The Left foolishly thinks they can easily attack Ryan’s budget plan based on the Medicare cuts he had proposed.  The reason they think this way is because they have a tendency to assume that as a demographic group all elderly people think the same way the Left does with their attitude of “it’s only what’s in it for me that counts”.  The Left is grossly underestimating the elderly.  The elderly fully understand the concepts of sacrifice and fiscal responsibility.  After all, there is a reason that the bulk of the Tea party is made up of the geriatric generation. What the Left fails to realize is that the elderly in this country grew up for the most part as the tail end of the greatest generation.  These are people who have been asked to sacrifice before in times of trouble such as WWII,Korea,Vietnam, and the Carter Malaise.  They’ve always known what needed to be done and didn’t go around whining about it.  They just did it.  Theirs has always been a generation built on the concept of providing advantages for, not taking advantage of, the generations to follow.  All they’ve been waiting for has been a leader willing to step up and have that honest conversation with them so that intelligent decisions can be made.  That way when they do commit to sacrificing, it won’t be done so in vain. The Left is trying to convince each other that all they need to do is attack Ryan’s plan to bring the Romney ticket down.  When it comes time to actually do so, you’ll probably see pundits who are about as timid as a group of 12 year olds daring each other to knock on the door of a spooky looking house.  What the Left doesn’t understand is that when it comes time to vote, the public is going to be looking for answers, not accusations.  Since Ryan has been tapped to lead the economic charge for the Romney ticket the Left can no longer even afford to offer up any of their own answers.  They know that if they do they will be grossly overmatched by Ryan in both facts and intellect.  The Left is a lot like my hound dog.  If all they are going to do is stand around howling it won’t accomplish anything and eventually just gets to be annoying.  But if they go off racing into the woods they may just find out that they are no longer the hunters, but the prey.
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