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The Silly Little Game

Posted by on August 14, 2012
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Let’s try playing a silly little game.  Let’s pretend that Obama could just snap his fingers and all the wealth in this nation would get instantly and evenly redistributed.  Regardless of anyone’s situation, everyone would get an equal share of whatever possessions are available so that the Left would finally have a chance to experience the “fairness” of their utopian socialist dream.  The Left would get what they claim they yearn for where no one person is wealthier than the next, and thus no one need concern themselves with the corrupting influences of wealth. First of all, do you really think Obama would even do it?  After all, he’s doing pretty well for himself already.  So do you honestly think he’d be willing to give up all the trappings of his own wealth just so that life could become “fair” for everyone else?  Do you not think for one second that all his wealthy and powerful buddies like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and George Clooney wouldn’t be trying to break his fingers to stop him from snapping them for fear of losing their own wealth and thus their own power?  After all, if fairness was their real goal, than why haven’t they just written a check already and gotten it over with? Let’s just say for the sake of argument that he actually did do it.  Now what?  Do you truly believe that life would become better for everyone in the long run?  Would whatever someone got for being on the receiving end of this equation somehow make them smarter?  Would it make them more industrious?  Would it make them willing to work harder, take risk, or sacrifice in order to strive for an even better existence?  Would they become thrifty as if they’d earned it, or would they become complacent and waste the opportunity?  Would they still seek to thrive, or would they be content to merely survive while waiting around for the next finger snap much the same way a house cat spends its life waiting around for the sound of its masters can opener? What about those who are forced to give up what they already have in order to play their role in our little game?  Do you think they would now be willing to go out and do it all over again when it comes to putting forth the effort, risk, and sacrifice required to create new wealth only to realize that the next snap could take it all away again?  Do you think you’d have very many who would be willing to spend half their lives in medical school just so they could remain on par with the uneducated ditch digger?  Where will our next great entrepreneurs come from since there would be no more capital, nor incentive to invest in anything?  How many potential Bill Gates, Thomas Edison’s, or Henry Fords would be stifled simply because there was no incentive for them to do what they do best?  Why try harder if your neighbor gets the same reward for ½ the effort? Obama is without a doubt a socialist.  It’s impossible to ignore the words he preaches, let alone the deeds he does to figure that out.   Envy is a powerful pill once swallowed.  Socialist leaders like Obama are more than willing to provide you with the drug of envy by offering you someone else’s possessions in order to feed your habit the same way a pimp uses drugs on a prostitute.  After all, even the devil is willing to feed an addiction just to gain a convert.  Obama will preach the sin of greed when it comes to possessions while at the same time he’ll blind you to the greed of power that comes from the control he seeks. The truth is we don’t need to play out our little game just to see how it ends.  It’s a game that’s been played out many times before and the outcome has always been the same.  Our free market capitalist system may not be perfect, but can you name me a single country that has played this game and come out better off than what we’ve been so far?  Yes, those countries have achieved true equality, but only in misery.  Do we really need to turn this nation into the nextCuba,North Korea, orVenezuelabefore people will finally wake up and realize that it’s all been rigged so that there are no real winners to this game?  It’s time we all wake up, start acting like adults, and stop playing such silly little ­­games.
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