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Free Stuff Versus Freedom

Posted by on August 18, 2012
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One reality that history has taught us, yet the Left refuses to accept, is that it is impossible for socialism and freedom to coexist.  The very genesis of a socialist society is built on the concept of “take and receive”.  It is the only means available through which a true equilibrium can ever be achieved.  We must all become Robin Hoods where we “take” from the productive members of society in order to give to the non-productive or else the initial parity will never exist.  For the poorer members to “receive” the goods of others, those goods must first be confiscated from the wealthier.  The key word here is “confiscated”.  This is because the wealthy who have such excesses to be taken away aren’t true followers of the socialist ideology themselves.  If they were they wouldn’t have excesses to be confiscated in the first place since they would have automatically and willingly surrendered them in order to stay on par with the collective.  Hence, by definition, confiscating their wealth denies them the freedom of choice to not take part in a socialist system.  After all, how can you have freedom if you aren’t even free to retain that which is rightfully yours? For socialism to confiscate anything it must first create an atmosphere of control in order to create the authority necessary to do the confiscating.  The only way to create such an atmosphere is by usurping the freedoms of those to be controlled.  The very word “control” implies power since it requires power to maintain control.  Take a look at Obamacare as a perfect example.  The main term currently being debated within Obamacare is the word “mandate” which is a control directive.  This means that power is being inferred upon the government to control the masses so that participation in Obamacare can be mandated.  Once again, to do this, personal freedoms must be usurped. George Soros is a Leftist who claims to support the socialist cause.  However, he isn’t a true believer since his vast wealth betrays the fact that he refuses to participate himself.  What he really seeks is the power derived from control.  If he was truly a socialist he would have already voluntarily surrendered his $ Billions for the good of the collective as described above.  But good old George has never offered up the idea of redistributing his own fortune.  Instead, people like George are really opportunists.  They are more than willing to preach the idea of having the wealth of others confiscated under the guise of “fairness”, yet refuse to yield their own.  That’s because it isn’t fairness that they truly seek.  They seek control.  This explains why Warren Buffett loves the idea of higher tax brackets, yet refuses to square up on the taxes he already owes.  Shouldn’t we all be questioning the real motives behind Soros, Buffett, and all the others who willfully preach such a sermon while refusing to practice it themselves? The second reason socialism and freedom cannot coexist is because socialism basically requires complete participation of the masses.  Let’s face it, there is no such thing as an opt-out socialist society.  The only way to opt out is to escape much the same way East Berlins risked their lives crossing over into West Berlin, or people escapedCubain rubber rafts, or former Soviet citizens claimed political asylum at the first opportunity when traveling abroad.  There is no such thing as freedom when you are forced to participate in a society against your will.  The reason there can’t be an option is because the productive members are necessary in order to take up the slack of the non-productive.  However it is these very same productive members who would be the first to opt out if given the opportunity.   A completely non-productive society cannot exist all on its own.  That’s why participation in such programs as Social Security, Medicare, and now Obamacare has always been mandatory for all but a select few. In the entire history of the world there has never been a successful socialist society.  Nor has there been one that in the end hasn’t existed under tyrannical control because without such control socialism implodes as the productive and non-believers flee.  Mao, Stalin, Chavez, Kim Jung Il, Castro, they’ve all had to rule with an iron fist in order to maintain the control necessary to ensure complete participation in their socialist societies.  When it comes to the upcoming election we can label the current race in many different ways.  It can be seen as Left versus Right, Liberal versus Conservative, or Obama versus Romney.  No matter how you want to label it on November 6th we must all decide.  Do we want our legacy to be one that consists of the false perception of free stuff offered by socialism, or do we want it to be the gift of freedom from such socialistic control?
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