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Hit the Road Barack

Posted by on August 20, 2012
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Here’s a simple question for all the Liberals out there.  What does Obama bring to the party this time around other than a “D” after his name and an inept running mate?  Does he have a plan to deal with the economy?  NO!  If he did, why hasn’t he already implemented it?  After 4 years all the current economic indicators are so dismal that the latest polling shows that 56% of swing state voters think they aren’t any better off now than when he first took office.  Does he have a plan for fixing Medicare or Social Security?  NO!  You may not agree with what Romney and Ryan are saying, but at least they are trying.  Obama has done nothing but raid Medicare of $714 Billion to pay for Obamacare and ignore Social Security altogether.  How about immigration or foreign policy?  NO!  He not only doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t even have a clue on how to deal with those issues either.  Amnesty isn’t a plan.  It’s a cheap pandering cop out. The old axiom is that you either vote for someone or against them.  However, typically you only vote against the incumbent since they are the only one with a track record of potential failure for the job.  Obama is the incumbent, so he can’t count on the independents or the undecided to vote against Romney.  The only think he can count on are those from his own base who would never vote for anyone other than a “D”.  But that alone simply isn’t enough.  The problem is that he hasn’t even given his own party a valid reason to vote for him as evidenced by his anemic fund raising efforts and the 39% enthusiasm rate amongst democratic voters. At this stage in the campaign even Obama’s own base is becoming disillusioned with him (and certainly with Biden) as further evidenced by this weeks Newsweek cover.  This is something that would have been unheard of 4 years ago.  Obama can’t even do serious press interviews anymore.  The last time he tried going off script he ended up giving us the “you didn’t build that” line.  He certainly can’t afford another gaffe like that.  The only thing he can do is the soft stuff like People Magazine, Jay Leno, or The View.  God forbid they let Biden go out unedited anymore.  The running mate is typically reserved as the attack dog of the opposition during campaigns.  However, Biden’s become a verbal time bomb all unto himself. The conservative mantra all during the primaries was that we’d accept “Anyone but Obama”.  It was Obama himself that has proven this mantra worthy.  However, it’s no longer simply worthy just amongst conservatives.  It’s now worthy for anyone other than the most ardent of liberal supporters.  Being historic, being articulate, and being a fictional product of media hype may have all added up as enough to win the first time around.  But the only thing that is acceptable for the second round is being a proven leader.  However, you can’t be a leader without a track record of success, or a valid plan.  That’s why Newsweek’s own cover got it right by saying “Hit the Road Barack”.
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