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The Extremist Left

Posted by on August 27, 2012
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The Left thinks that if they use the word “extreme” enough they can scare people away from the Right.  The problem with this tactic is that it only plays to the mindless, or as Rush calls it “the moron vote”.  Sensible people take the time to actually look at policy positions, which is why the Left continues to lose ground.  Here’s my question to the Left.  You keep referring to the Tea Party and Conservatives as being extremists as if we’ve suddenly jumped off a right wing cliff, but in reality what has actually changed about our position on anything that hasn’t been a position we’ve held for decades? The Left is merely using the word extremist as a distraction from their own failures.  In truth, the only things the Tea Party has ever asked from our leaders are that they start showing fiscal responsibility with our hard earned tax dollars, and that they actually start following the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold.  Does anyone really want to equate that with extremism?  I’ll be more than happy to debate the differences in extremism between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street philosophies.  We are being told that somehow we are suddenly extremists who are waging a war against women, yet we’ve never changed any of our policies related to women.  We’ve always been pro life.  It’s the Left who decided to create the bogus contraception argument by declaring out of the blue that it should suddenly be provided free of charge. It’s not the Right who are the extremist, it’s the Left.  It’s the Left that has been attempting to push us down a path to socialism against our will.  It’s the Left that has taken such extreme measures as raiding Medicare of $716 Billion to pay for a socialized medical plan that has never been successful in any other country before.  It’s the Left that took an extreme risk on a $1 Trillion stimulus plan without any historical evidence that such a move could ever work.  It’s the Left that is attempting to push us into green energy technologies that to date don’t even exist in practical form.  It’s the Left that is attempting to completely alter our current way of life in order to support an environmental “theory” that lacks even the most basic of scientific foundations related to cause and affect.  It’s the Left that has decided to create a war against religion.  It’s the Left that is attempting to completely alter our capitalistic system by involving a big brother mentality that uses cronyism instead of competition to hand pick the winners and losers.  It’s the Left that is attempting to force us into globalized governance instead of maintaining our current sovereign status. Hugo Chavez said it best when he said that Obama is even further to the left than he is.  The Right hasn’t jumped off a conservative cliff.  We’ve simply reached a stopping point where we refuse to allow the political paradigm to shift out from under our feet even further to the left.  That’s not extremism.  That’s standing your ground.  It’s time for the Left to explain and justify its own political positions instead of simply demonizing the opposition.  It’s time for the Left to be called to account for the failed actions they’ve been taking lately.  It’s time for the left to offer up genuine proposals instead of simple derogatives.  It’s time for the Left to be saddled with the “extremist” title that they find so threatening.
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