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Obama’s real convention enemy

Posted by on August 31, 2012
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Ironically, Obama’s biggest enemy during the RNC convention didn’t come from any one particular person or from any one particular speech.  It inadvertently came from Obama’s own mainstream media minions.  It came in two forms and in such a way that it will be almost impossible for him to adjust things in less than a week before his own convention begins.  First, it came from all of the rants of racism at every turn.  Second, it came from their lying about the lies. If you paid attention to the pundits from the Left during the convention it didn’t take long to realize they were attempting to paint a picture that pretty much every word uttered during the convention somehow related back to the Right being a bunch of racist who were using code words against Blacks, Hispanics, women, etc. as if everyone on the Right was carrying some sort of mystical decoder ring so that they were getting the “real” message.  It reached such a crescendo point that these pundits started looking beyond paranoid to downright delusional.  The Left desperately would like for us to believe that all those minorities that gave speeches were mere props for the party.  The problem with that theory is that all of those people were elected to their own offices long before the convention ever took place.  This proves they are genuine conservative minded people, not props.  What the media did in reality was expose their own racist views that none of these people were smart enough to perhaps think for themselves politically. The second issue arose from all of the supposed “fact checkers” that were diligently trying to discredit every statement that was made.  But the Right came prepared and exposed the reality that all those supposed unbiased fact checkers were mere political hacks from the Left who didn’t have their own facts straight.  Many of the supposed facts they were publishing weren’t even facts at all, but simple opinions poorly disguised as facts.  In the end it was the fact checkers themselves who were discredited which inadvertently brought even more credibility to the original speeches. Obama now has a major quandary on his hands for next weeks DNC convention.  He can forget about the cries of racism.  Any attempt at this point would look downright cartoonish.  He can forget about the “war on women” angle.  That was an absurd argument to begin with, but after all the testimonials from all the conservative women this week that will look just as cartoonish.  He doesn’t have a record worth citing and if he still tries to blame Bush at this point he’ll look down right stupid.  He can no longer attack Romney’s success because what Romney put on display is that his own success IS the American dream.  Worst of all he can’t even introduce a plan for the future because anything he brings up will either be so moderate that it will alienate his base, or so extreme that it will become easy fodder.  An incumbent whose plan is nothing but excuses isn’t an incumbent for very long. The best Obama can do next week is parade a bunch of whiners across the stage to convince no one but his own base that we are still evil on our side.  He may even get by with it simply because no one will even be watching anyway.  But the convention isn’t what should be scaring Obama at this juncture.  What should be scaring him is the reality that he’ll still be facing all these same issues once the debates start and then he will no longer be able to hide behind Styrofoam pillars or have the media covering for him.  He has a record and it’s about to be put on display whether he likes it or not.
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