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Romney v. Obama: The Measure of a Man

Posted by on September 4, 2012
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The Men Who Would Be President

Mainstream news outlets will spend the next two months vetting the character of Mitt Romney, who may be President in 2013.  Sadly, this process was omitted in 2008.  Political preferences aside, Mitt and Ann Romney draw a sharp contrast with the President in the compassionate, character rich way they quietly conduct their personal lives.  A recent commentary in American Thinker brought forth details, rarely mentioned, that exemplify lives immersed in individual charity, philanthropy, family  and unassailable concern for their fellow man.

In the 1990′s, when President Clinton showed weakness of personal character, defenders rallied to say policy was key and that character really doesn’t matter.  Clearly, important decisions in our personal lives and good public policy should begin with a foundation of good character. We expect our President to promote charity. Mr. Obama discovered charity only when political expediency demanded it. The Romney’s rightly understand that giving of time, talent and treasure enriches the lives of the giver.  President Obama and VP Biden both believe good works and help to those in need should be accomplished via taxpayer funded government programs. America is about to choose a leader.  To provide full disclosure, my preference would be a new leader.  Continuation of this Republic demands the electorate be fully informed of both the ideology and character of the next President.  2008 should have made that much clear.   The Democrat and Republican political conventions give most Americans their first real glimpse of the men who would be President.  These scripted productions dwell on likeability, looks and oratory skills.  They introduce their spouses and kids, attempting to form a connection with the concerns of middle-class America.  The process avoids policy specifics in favor of a broad blueprint, while behind the scenes, the platform committee creates a specific guiding document for the party.  During primetime, the goal is to show the candidates as warm, concerned people who treat their family and friends well.  Not digging far below the surface, Mitt Romney offers a lifetime of business accomplishments and personal concern for others .  Many of us remain skeptical about the direction his policies will lead.  But in the arena of character, Governor Romney runs circles around President Obama. Until President Obama’s first run at the White House in 2008, candidates were linked for good or ill to the character of those with whom they associate in business or friendship.  Now that Mr. Romney is running, the media is once again taking the time to vet every individual affiliated with Mr. Romney.  The media remains strangely unconcerned with the associations of President Obama.  On that note, kudos go to Dinesh D’Souza for compiling the background of our President in his recent documentary, 2016: Obama’s America.  I am still wondering when the next Woodward and Bernstein will emerge to pick the orchard of low-hanging fruit that is President Obama’s past associations.  I suppose it doesn’t matter as few people read newspapers anymore. Returning to important character traits, a President must be confident and decisive.  We would like to believe Mr. Obama takes wise counsel from all quarters before making a thoughtful resolute decision on weighty issues.  Mr. Obama actually deferred to White House staffer, Valerie Jarrett on the most significant decisions of his administration; requiring employers to provide health insurance that covered birth control, and according to Richard Miniter in his book Leading From Behind, taking down Osama Bin Laden.  Indecisiveness and constant deferral to stronger personalities (describing Ms. Jarrett), is dangerous for those who aspire to elected office. Much has been said about the President’s embellished ego and unbridled narcissism.  Some claim Mitt Romney can be cold in personal interaction, but the description has never been narcissistic.  Quite the opposite can be said of the President.  Compassion and discretion is critical for the person sending young Americans into harm’s way.  A man with no compassion for others or who looks upon citizens as lesser beings cannot lead a free country.  A tyranny maybe, but not the United States.  The recent passing of a real hero, Neil Armstrong presented yet another chance for the President to subdue his ego and acknowledge a humble, quiet American pioneer.  This was not to be.  The photo accompanying a statement about Mr. Armstrong shows our President gazing at the moon and stars, making himself the focus of Mr. Armstrong’s passing.  Mr. Romney, by contrast, has a long history of helping those within his sphere with medical expenses, education, even organizing a successful search for the missing 14 year old daughter of an employee.  His silence on these deeds speaks to a man who keeps his ego in check. When it comes to Politics, only a minority of voters know more than    are a good people who want the world to see that we have overcome the racial transgressions of past generations.  The media was happy to support our desires in 2008 by suppressing pesky facts about the unknown Senator Obama.   Four years passed and America has served our collective penance.  We allowed a wholly unqualified executive to play the role of President (and many rounds of  golf) at great cost to our economy, security and international relations.  One can hope, Americas deep-seated guilt will give way to a pragmatic job search, seeking a qualified, competent executive with a modicum of character. Barack Obama the man is a flawed, egocentric individual and his attitude infests all the agencies and machinery of this government.  It’s no wonder that the 2012 DNC Platform eliminated all references to G*d.  Mr. Obama surely supports the belief touted in a video played during the the DNC  that included the unfortunate line, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”.  Is it any surprise the leader of such a government must be worshipped as a deity.  The cult of personality infects government at all levels providing cover for all manner of corruption.  The best we can hope to achieve is an informed electorate that will acknowledge the smile and
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