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The Left’s Big Gamble

Posted by on September 7, 2012
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Unlike conventions of the past, the main goal of both of these conventions wasn’t to sway over the undecided voters.  The harsh reality of such a divided nation is that this time around that particular demographic is represented by an almost miniscule number.  Instead, the goal that both candidates had to contend with for their respective conventions was to excite their own bases enough to support them by showing up at the polls. For Romney to accomplish his goal things were going to be a bit tricky.  He had to reel in the more conservative elements such as the Tea Party and Ron Paul Libertarians without alienating the more moderate establishment elements.  Ironically, he was able to pull this task off brilliantly before the convention had even started with his selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate.  Ryan has always been a Tea Party favorite so Romney was able to appease the conservatives without really having to change his own message.  Once the convention started the task of his surrogates was to simply make him look more like a normal Joe and less like an aristocrat in order to repeal the façade Obama had tried to paint on him.  It was Ann Romney who best took care of that for him. Obama’s own task was to give those on the Left a reason to believe in him for another 4 years.  To accomplish this he needed to rise above his great oratory skills and actually produce something beyond a fantasy.  He needed something beyond slick rhetoric, grandiose promises, and opponent demonization.  He needed to produce an actual plan that they could grasp onto and believe in.  As Charles Krauthammer put it, “I have a vision of anAmericawhere there is no disease and everybody has a private airplane, but unless I tell you how we get there, I’ve said nothing.”  Unfortunately, by the end of his eloquently delivered speech Obama had said nothing. November 6th will be an easy decision day for Republicans.  All we need to do is show up and pull the lever for Romney.  For the Democrats things aren’t going to be quite so simple.  Obama has skated by his first 4 years blaming everything on Bush, all the while continually pulling his own party further and further to the left in a desperate attempt to make things better without surrendering his ideology the way Clinton did.  In doing so he has exposed the true weaknesses of Liberal economics.  Therefore, when Democrats go to vote in November they won’t just be voting to save a candidate for another 4 years.  They will be voting on whether or not to go “all in” on their ideology by playing this candidate as their hand.  This is an all or nothing gamble from the Left.  If Obama were to somehow succeed they could control the political spectrum for decades to come.  However, if he were to fail, it’s all over for liberalism because there is simply no place left for their ideology to ever hide again.  Obama went into his first term with plenty of promises, but no real plan.  Things haven’t exactly gone so well.  So the big question that the Left has to ask itself in November is “Do we really want to risk it all on a candidate who is still full of dreams, but also still lacks a plan?”
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