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Being Eaten by His Own Pet

Posted by on September 11, 2012
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We’ve all seen the news stories.  Some moron tries to keep an exotic animal as a pet when it should actually be left alone to fend for itself in the wild.  If you ask them why, the moron typically insist that such naturally carnivorous creatures make for great protection.  That is until one day when the moron goes to feed the beast only to become the meal themselves.  We often try to blame the animal, but is it the animals fault for doing that which comes naturally? What is currently going on inChicagowith the teachers strike has got to be the ultimate nightmare for the Obama Administration.  In my book I describe the Left as being an otherwise unassociated concatenation of special interest groups that function under the theory that “I’ll help you get what you want if you’ll help me get what I want”.  I also described how in the end this always leads to chaos for the simple reason that it is impossible to give everyone everything they want since too often those various “wants” tend to conflict with each other (i.e. animal lovers hate wind turbines).  In other words, these groups would best be left alone to fend for themselves in the wild.  Obama thought he could keep the teachers union as his own exotic pet for protection.  It is a pet that is about to eat him. There are two profound reasons why this is a real mess for Obama.  The first reason has to do with the idea that in this case the union demands are so unrealistic that they have no chance of garnering public support.  In fact, they are so unrealistic that they border on the absurd.  Second, is the idea that this union which is supposed to be firmly ensconced into his back pocket is in reality striking out against one of Obama’s main minions Rahm Emanuel.  This puts Obama into a horrific quandary because he must now feed one to the other.  The problem is that if he feeds the union to his minion he loses not just the support of the teachers, but all unions. However, if his minion becomes the meal Obama looks both weak and just as absurd as the union demands he would be protecting.  In this case he can’t even afford to stay out because he already proven in Wisconsin last year that he’s more than willing to inject his opinions into such matters.  Like it or not it’s feeding time.  The only question is what’s on the menu? Obama assumed naively that union support was a beast that he could always control.  He views the situation from the standpoint that since he has fed them well in the past they will always provide protection without any risk of turning on him.  However, what he doesn’t understand is that if he doesn’t feed them now they will find their own meal.  The lesson that Obama failed to learn is that when you step into the cage to feed a hungry wild animal, it’s the animal who decides what makes for a tasty meal.
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