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The Sin of Self Control

Posted by on September 21, 2012
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The greatest sin a person can commit under socialism is to exercise self control over one’s own well being.  The Left wants for us to believe that they have a greater concern for our welfare than we do ourselves.  However, the truth is that’s impossible for any government to do regardless of how much they like to tout the idea of doing things purely out of “compassion”.  If compassion is what you seek then I would strongly suggest you stay away from government altogether and seek out the help of charities instead.  After all, compassion is typically the one and only business of most charities.  Therefore, the need is mitigated for worrying about the ulterior motives that typify government compassion. The true sin of self control is that it stands in direct conflict with the concept of government control when complete government control is the true agenda of socialism.  The Left knows that it is impossible to maintain complete control over an economy unless it can first maintain complete control over those who make up that economy.  This is why there is no such thing as an opt-out socialist society.  The history of socialism is that it has always been maintained via an iron fisted government with a zero tolerance policy against self control.  If you don’t believe this is true even here in this country amongst those from the left then ask yourself one simple question.  Why does the Left hate the concept of vouchers so much?  This is true whether you are dealing with school choice, Medicare, Social Security, or any other program where the opportunity for society to exercise self control over its own welfare exists. If you listen to the left they will stand on the proverbial roof tops and decree how evil Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is simply because it contains vouchers that provide choice of care to the individuals.  They did the same thing when Bush introduced the concept of privatizing part of Social Security during his first term by allowing people the option of controlling portions of their own retirement accounts.  Obama recently defunded the very popular and very successful DC school voucher program thus thrusting thousands of kids back into the failing DC public school system against their will.  In the mean time the school voucher system in New Orleans that was implemented after hurricane Katrina has proven so successful that Governor Jindal has recently signed legislation to take the program statewide much to the ire of the Left.  If you want to drive the Left nuts, simply ask them what it is about vouchers that they truly fear.  The real truth is that the Left is scared to death that the more such programs prove their worth, the less control the Left can maintain over those programs that implement self control. Obama’s own words betray his true socialist agenda.  He exposed himself with his “you didn’t build that” comment.  His point wasn’t that others had to step in to build those things that are secondary to the success of a business.  His point was that no one should have ever had that much free reign to build a successful business on their own to begin with.  After all, as more and more people realize that they can succeed on their own, the more they also realize that government control is a hindrance, not a benefit to their success.  It’s also why he must perpetually demonize the success of the wealthy.  To Obama the wealthy had no right to exercise the amount of self control required to attain such wealth in the first place. The Left is truly starting to worry.  A recent poll shows that by a 54-35% margin people are waking up and would prefer less government interference in their lives.  In essence they prefer to exercise more self control because they now understand that is where true success comes from.  It has taken the Left over 200 years since our founding to garner the control they have conned us all into surrendering thus far.  It’s now time to reclaim our birthright of freedom and tell the Left that if self control is truly a sin then they are just going to have to accept that from now on they will be living amongst sinners.
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