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Reality Bites

Posted by on September 22, 2012
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Obama’s biggest opponent in November isn’t Romney.  It’s reality.  Obama can throw out all the straw man accusations and non-sequitur statements he wants, but at the end of the day it’s reality that matters.  Yes, I realize that repetition of a lie eventually constitutes facts to the mindless so there will always be those who accept Obama’s narratives without question.  After all, we still have those who will swear that it was Karl Rove who did in Valerie Plame even though we now know who the real culprit was.  But mindless people tend to not live in reality to begin with.  Besides, the mindless already plan to vote for Obama regardless simply because he continually promises them “presents” in the form of new government programs even though Obama knows in reality we can’t afford any of them.  In that respect he’s like that favorite uncle who swears he’s bought you a new mini bike, but somehow keeps forgetting to bring it with him when he visits. The reality that Obama eventually has to face is that he’s simply not the savior of the middle class that he claims to be.  In fact, he’s proven to be the middle class’s greatest nemesis.  In the 4 years since he’s been in office the personal wealth of the middle class has fallen by 40%.  The average wages of the middle class have fallen from $54K a year down to just $50K a year.  We now have record numbers of people who have given up, are in poverty, on welfare, and on food stamps.  Guess what!  All those newly minted poor had to come from somewhere.  That somewhere is the middle class.  To make matters even worse is the fact that he’s increased our national debt by 50% since his swearing in so it’s now going to make it much more difficult for those who have slipped below the ranks of the middle class to regain their former status. Obama’s reality is that his economic numbers after 4 years are horrific.  The unemployment numbers, work force participation rate, debt, deficit, home ownership, consumer confidence, personal wealth, strength of the dollar, numbers of people in poverty, and number of people requiring government assistance statistics are all far worse now than what he inherited.  He’s had 4 years to correct what he inherited.  If that’s what we’ve gotten after one term, what do you seriously think he can improve after two?  The reality is that doubling down on his failed policies and blaming it all on Bush or the wealthy won’t improve anything. Obama’s other reality is that his foreign policies are literally going up in flames.  Obama thought he had a sure winner simply because he killed Bin Laden.  What he forgets is that killing Bin Laden was the easy part.  Finding him was the tricky part and no matter how much credit you want to give Obama, the truth is that if it weren’t for a tip from a Pakistani doctor we’d be no closer to Bin Laden’s demise today than we were 4 years ago.  The reality is that everything else Obama has touched related to foreign policy is in an absolute shambles. North Korea now has nukes.  Iran is about to get them unless Israel gets to them first.  The Middle East still doesn’t like us.  Our former allies no longer trust us, and our enemies now mock us.  Obama’s foreign policies are actually worse than his economic policies have been. Obama desperately wants us to ignore all his policy sins and instead prefers to make this an election about how evil a Romney presidency might be.  Unfortunately for Obama, most people would prefer to take their chances with someone who might turn out to be a failure than from someone who has already proven themselves to be so.  Obama has a job approval rate well below the 50% threshold so it’s not a matter of what Romney “might” be.  Obama’s reality is that the people already understand what he is.  Obama and his media minions can continue to paint whatever narratives they want, but Obama’s reality is about to bite him come November.
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